Outsourcing India is a perfect destination for overseas services for several companies globally. Many companies overseas find India perfect and one stop solution for almost all the services and products. Country’s overseas dealing business has experienced an explosive growth with offshore companies. Several concerns have also come with the growth and maturity of the all the sectors. City like Bangalore is the most popular globally for IT Outsourcing. Indian service standards and quality of the products are also very famous and demanded globally. Though with the time passes matters like maturity standards and growth are also now the topics of the discussion globally. It has been the issue of discussion that overseas services from this country are still the profitable? This question arises as many counties are finding that the labor cost in the country is getting costlier.

Country is well known for the qualitative services, flexibilities and cost effectiveness. Salaries of Indian professional are now found to be rising which makes the overseas clients think about this hotspot and now they are in the dilemma that overseas services to India would still fetch profit or not. Though all these might seem to be an alarming situation for Offshore Outsourcing, there are lots of alternatives which are already being taken in use.

Cities like Bangalore, Puna, Mumbai and Delhi are few of the hotspots for India in IT industry and services. Because of rapid growth of these cities some other small cities have also started to work in these areas to cope up with the competition in the market. Now for the country, cost effectiveness is not the only concern for which overseas companies seek the country, but quality and flexibilities have also been the most important factors for them. They generally prefer the company that provides all these servers under the same roof, so almost all the companies are focusing on all these aspects.

Outsourcing India as a Destination

Outsourcing India as a destination for overseas services is experiencing tremendous growth in many ways. Almost 35-40 companies continue to set up operations in the country every month. Almost half of the investors from US prefer Bangalore for IT services. As the construction in the country is on the boom builders are also adopting newer technology for the speedy construction work. Bangalore’s software exports totals $4.2 billion in 2003-2004 that indicates the growth of IT Outsourcing to the country. All these factors and many more like these are playing very important role.

Globally IT companies are finding the process of overseas dealing with the country must to stay in the competitions. Country’s IT industry is world famous and it also has got success in grabbing almost half of the share of the overall overseas dealing of IT industry. All these aspects attract overseas companies a lot and make Outsourcing India a perfect destination for offshore services.