Outsourcing not only provides real revenue-building opportunities, but it also benefits internal technology operations for organizations who resell their services and support. There are some of the criteria of solution for service portfolio in Outsourcing.
Revenue expansion through better and new service offerings: The customer gains flexibility to sell more than their basic support for technology platforms by reselling the service capabilities of providers. This not only strengthens their competitive positions in the market by offering their customers complete solutions, but also opens up additional revenue opportunities for resellers, retailers and warranty administers. Outsourcing service providers’ capabilities should be integrated to provide a total infrastructure support and solution from initial deployment to ongoing support, from call center to onsite dispatch, from centrally managed systems to networks and desktops from hardware to software solutions as well.

Through service packages and bid desk-Lower cost of sales: An Outsourcing vendor should make it easy for customers to sell the additional service offerings through predefined packages and quick turnaround bid desk processes for the purpose of custom service proposals for Offshore Outsourcing Development.
With enhance product brand: Quality service and support are important buying criterion in the Information Technology marketplace. The vendor’s product brand is enhanced through top or self service offerings by an outsourcing with a reputation for quality services delivery.


Augmentation of internal IT StaffOffshore Outsourcing clients finds that contracting for service delivery instead of investing in Information Technology personnel for a support function gives cost effective coverage that help to reduce the management issues of recruiting, training and maintaining certified, supportive and skilled staff.
Quality corporate service Offerings: Company should be confident with the services for the projects that should meet the requirements. Make sure an Outsourcing vendor understands the special requirements of the corporate business environment.

On the Information Technology front, that tends to translate into additional reliance on complete, integrated service solutions that are carefully tailored to the specific requirements and business objectives of various technology client segments. Whether the organizations is motivated by speeding time to market, decreasing investment in infrastructures, making service or subcontractor management more effective, both internally and externally.
As competitive pressures, clients and shareholder’s expectations continue to increase, the value of IT and Software Outsourcing is likely to steadily rise, as well. Many organizations specifically outsourcing business search for various business functions for additional Offshore Development opportunities in other areas.