Over the next two years of a Software Development consortium involving New Zealand and American based interests is ready to source 100 million American dollars funding for New Zealand Software Development.

The consortium, which is made up of Kiwi Growth Partners, New Zealand-based and Millennium Capital Quest Corporation, a United States-based merchant and investment banking organization, specialized in financing web-based application like web designing and development and aims to ease the path of emerging technology for Software Development organizations as they seek to expand.

To clear the big hurdles in Software Development that are time and money, it wants to help by emerging incubators, venture capital houses and technology organizations by themselves. The main aim of organization is to give them a leg-up in the fast-consolidating technology sector, providing turnkey funding packages which include everything they requires, including technology research and development, conceptualization, business planning, development, branding, sales and marketing, capital raising and even Initial Public Offer.

Software Development

With the decisions made within three days of time and the time to market cut anywhere from 25-50 percent, because it is effectively a one-stop-shop venture by Software Development services, and this vehicle will move more swiftly.

As operating on a number of levels, MCQC brings lot of financial muscle to the consortium that helps in bridging and placing offerings of equity and debt advising organization on direct public offerings and private placements on the internet, and promoting investment banking and corporate finance relationships with securities firms. Currently an accredited investor database maintained globally by MCQC, numbering 5,000,000 and investor databases numbering 400,000,000 through all over the world.

Kiwi Growth Partners consortium clients congregate to the table of Software Development with at least 50 per cent of their funding already in place. By means of sticking to a few criteria, the customer will have to have their acts together. It is quick to point out that the consortium’s funding is not just there for smaller, developing organizations. It is not just start-ups that they can help. But it will also be looking to help major kiwi organization with their technology in Software Development.