Software Development India is now facing fast development and growth as the demands of the country’s talents and professionals are increasing day by day globally. More and more MNCs and other IT companies are now in the process of setting up their plant in India or try to enter into India via partnerships with the local IT companies. Local brand names are also helping local talents by providing jobs and better future opportunities. Almost 1000 jobs are provided every month by individual local big brand names like Wipro, TCS, and many more to the local IT talents and engineers. Local brand names as well as MNCs who already are in the country are now also on the edge of expanding their current business in the territory by one or the other way. Along with these new companies are also investing heavily in IT services in the country. All these are the signs of the fast development of Software Development India.

Software Development India is also playing an important role in the economic growth of the country. Ford (world’s second-largest automaker) company in 2001 had decided to open an IT hub in India to save millions of dollars. In 2004 Dell also announced that they are planning to open another call center in India. They were planning to open this with approximately 300 employees. They are planning to start customer support for their U.S. customers in the initial stages as a part of IT Outsourcing. Another company Karvy (India’s leading financial services company) has also announced its move towards the Business Process Outsourcing and research services in late 2005. The company has invested in three facilities in Hyderabad with almost 800 places filled out and 250 already on staff. And their plan is to get to the staff of 4000 employees with a time period of 5 years. Microsoft had also announced in 2004 that they were also planning to set up a research lab in Bangalore, India to focus on areas including computing technologies for the emerging markets. These all are a few of the successes of Software Development India and its growth.

Software Development India

Software Development India is also going to get benefit as there was an announcement from Yahoo to increase the no. of product engineering and support staff in its subsidiary in Bangalore, India, to more than 500 by the end of 2006. All these indicate that how much the talent of the country is demanded globally. More and more companies are investing in the country in the field of Information Technology and Software Development India is getting boost by such investment of these companies.

All these indicate the fast growth of Software Development India in the field of Information Technology. All these companies and the popularity of the country have made it possible for the country to gain the first place in the list of the overseas services in the field of the Information Technology. New era is about to start for the Software Development India.