Software Development India and Bangalore has been key term for the growth of the country. As we all know that the city has the sky touching popularity globally in Information Technology Industry. 70% credit of the overall success and popularity goes to Bangalore, India only. Bangalore is the main hub of IT for India. The city possesses more attractions for the Business Process Outsourcing sector. The city is full of talented and skill professionals, best educational institutes, technical ability, and a group of large English speaking population. All these add credit in the popularity of the city for overseas services. Government is also taking active steps in providing the facilities for new investments that gives Bangalore an edge over the other cities of the country. Lots of reasons are there which make Bangalore attractive for the ITES and BPO customers globally. City is also considered to be the best investment hub for the purpose of IT. Bangalore is playing crucial role for the success of the country for overseas services.

IT Outsourcing and Bangalore have lots of connectivity. The city has moderate climate, best and qualitative education, good labor relationships, advanced and modern infrastructure, good state policy, best telecom connection facility and much more. It is also the city with enough human resource, best nature of work and perfect policy support. City is also a society under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. A company that gets registered under the Software Technology Park schemes gets many advantages like:

1) Duty free import to the city is allowed
2) 100% foreign equity is allowed too
3) Income tax exemption up to 90%
4) Export certification and custom bonding are offered at a single point

So these are some of the advantages that Bangalore has over the other cities of the country.

Software Development India and IT companies

Software Development India and IT Companies from the country are serving in the best possible way around the globe. The country brings benefits to Bangalore like improving and modern infrastructure and telecom facilities. These helps in telecom sector and BPO service a lot as a part of IT Outsourcing. Bangalore is the city with the facility of International Airport. City also has more than 1000 technology firms with huge volume of international traffic to Bangalore. Best telecom facilities are also available with the city as the entire state is networked by (OFC) Optic Fiber Cables. City also has the facility of excellent International Bandwidth through satellite. All these make Bangalore the most effective city of the country.

Country’s growth for IT services is lots of dependent of Bangalore as almost 50% of the income of the country’s IT industry is from Bangalore. City also provides best education and lots of employment. Country’s economy growth is also affected a lot by the success of the Bangalore. Development and growth of the city affects the process of Software Development India.