For the successful process of Software Outsourcing, India is one of the hottest places. Day by day the graph of the popularity and success of the country is touching new heights in the field of Information Technology. Demand of Indian talents is also on the top of the list as now more and more overseas IT companies prefer them for IT problem solutions and services. Software Outsourcing has now got the place in the roots of the country.

For Software Outsourcing process, the story about the Indian brand names is totally different. The success and revenue, profit of these companies are touching the sky. Brand names like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and many more are few of the successful IT companies of the country. Overseas exports from the country in Information Technology sector are also going very strongly. In the current fiscal year to March 31 the total exports and IT services figure reached around $17 billion, which itself describes the success story of the country. Still the figure is expected to grow around 28 to 33 percent in the fiscal year to March 31, 2006. BPO, Call center services and related IT services and problem solutions are at the boom in India as a part of Software Outsourcing process.

Software Outsourcing

In the process of Software Outsourcing from the country, America and Europe announced their exports from India. America announced almost 68 percent while Europe accounted with 24 percent of overall IT services. Heavy Offshore Outsourcing is taking place from these countries to India. Multinationals are also accounting some surprising figures in taking help from India.

In Software Outsourcing Indian brand name Wipro accounted the growth of 27 to 28 billion for the present quarter and this is their upraised figure by almost 33 percent from the same quarter of the last year. Infosys again a big brand name from the house of India also accounted the 40% increases in the numbers of workers in the company in last year. These all tell the success story of India and its brand names globally. Bangalore – India is the main hub for Information Technology services for the country and all these big brand names are providing services to the MNCs from there as a part of Software Outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing has helped the growth of Indian revenue in many ways. More and more employment is also taking and the salary graph of these talented and skilled professionals are also going higher and higher. With that country’s overall growth is increasing too. Indian brand names are still on the top for the cost effective services worldwide in IT sector. India’s low cost labor is leading Indian name strongly despite of high overall competition in the market. In short success of Indian brand name is on the top of the list globally for the purpose of IT services and Software Outsourcing.