Software Outsourcing India is tightening the Cyber Laws for overseas dealing as increment in the frauds is taking place in the country. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh commanded government officials Wednesday to speed up the modifications to the country’s Information Technology Act of 2000 regarding the security issues. The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) in New Delhi, India has for the last two years been demanding the government to modify the proceed to include extra clauses to tighten provisions relating to data and information security and privacy for Software Development India. PM of India also assured that the country would not hesitate in taking harsh steps if required for the security of IT Outsourcing. The PM held a meeting Wednesday with president of NASSCOM, and also with government officials to appraise steps taken by the government and by sector to deal with the cyber crime and fraud challenges and to ensure data confidentiality in the business data processing sector.

To make the perfect Overseas deals from the country, the meeting was also called in the perspective of a recent “media sting operation” that involved an employee of a private BPO company, where claims of breach of data secrecy have been pointed. Country’s professionals have built for themselves a desirable worldwide reputation for IT Outsourcing through hard work, qualitative work, dedication and commitment, and such occasional foolish acts of some individuals should not permit to damage the high reputation of country’s professionals. Inspite of all these, Software Outsourcing India has the same popularity as it had previously.

UK Company The Sun reported that one of their undercover reporters, was sold confidential data on 1,000 U.K. bank accounts by Karan Baahree in New Delhi, India, who stated of picking up the data from contacts through call centers in the country. From April 1, 2004 to March 31, 2005, India’s exports from BPO, call centers, and related overseas services grew by 44.5% to 5.2 billion dollar as a part of services to India.

Software Outsourcing India was criticized

Software Outsourcing India was criticized a lot because of this incident of selling the confidential data of the clients. In a statement published to reporters on Monday, Bahree stated that it was totally a set up for him by two other persons. He also said that he was not aware about the contents on the CD that he was told to give to Oliver Harvey, the Sun reporter who pretense as an investor involved in learning about country’s call center industry.

In short Overseas Services from the country are now on the way to tighten the security laws and issues regarding the IT Outsourcing for the better privacy of the valuable customer’s informations. The country’s top personalities have also assured that they would not let anything happen that would try to create problems for country’s approach towards the purpose of Software Outsourcing India.