Offshore Outsourcing can not bring proof by radical shifts in careers away from Informational Technology spheres. There are certain drastic steps which may not seem to be needed if you understand what works and what does not works in IT Offshore Outsourcing process. There are simple ways to prove this:
The IT positions who are in constant communication may not find suitability by offshore outsourcing. The communication networks like business intelligence and reporting have drastic and constant changes. And when there is such a constant change, it is not possible for the business users to outsource. This is definitely not due to fickleness of the business users. Another good example might be Information Technology careers in consulting organizations that requires interactions with client. More touch points means the bodies that are in the same time zones as you. They may try Offshore Outsourcing those positions but it would not work for the longer time.

Fast growing businesses do require which cannot be frozen long enough by following processes. The meaning of that is you require being nimble on the feet. Good examples might be of fast growing online organizations, with rapid prototyping and faster release cycles if you are in software development process. Positions where Technology is the Core Set of Products, if you are retailer of IT, Information Technology is a support process. It is subjected to do more outsourcing as it is not a core competency. For Intellectual Property reasons as well as speed with which you need to do things not with very mature organizations but younger ones like IT positions within such companies cannot be making Offshore Outsourcing process easily without pain.

Offshore Outsourcing 

IT Careers involved in fast changing technologies – Certain examples like RFID, Wireless for fast changing technologies that cannot step outside the United States simply for availability reasons. Wireless standards by Wide-area, telecom not local area are varying from nation to nation and are resistant to Offshore Outsourcing simply for the reason that it cannot be done elsewhere. Fast changing technologies like RFID may require resources like people, knowledge, access to information, capital, etc which are much localized, so they cannot be simply consider for Offshore Outsourcing process.

Already, computer science enrollments are shrinking in schools; this may drastically alter the demand and supply equation in local IT-employee favor soon. Hype machines working both ways, very optimistic and very pessimistically, hang in there, hide out for a while and the sun will come out automatically. One does note believe it at all, if not for any reason other than simply what experience will teaches you. Currently it is painting an unwarranted pessimistic picture Of Offshore Outsourcing.
By withstanding all the insanity with Offshore Outsourcing that is going right now, if you are in IT market, it would not move away from it. You may just need to make sure you are in environments where Offshore Outsourcing does work.