The current market of IT suggests that at present the data of the customers are no longer safe inspite of the presence of the latest technologies in the world. More and more news regarding the dangers of sending back-office and data processing work to low-rate developing destinations are coming out. It describes that data export is in danger in Offshore Outsourcing . Day by day more and more cases of data theft and fraud are coming into the light.

Back in 2003 an American newspaper found the case where it was threatened that if a lady won’t be paid money than she would publish confidential patient informations on the internet, though she was hired and owned by a subcontractor. The records of the patients were from the house of the University of San Francisco Medical Centre. In 2005 a case of an Indian call center was also exposed by British newspaper The Sun  that led to more calls for tighter constraints of offshoring of personal data. The whole issue was regarding the selling of informations of the clients like credit card numbers, along with the bank accounts details and passport information and some other personal information.

Help of the Offshore Outsourcing

There are many less-known brands along with the big companies involved in the process of Offshore Outsourcing. Now such big companies are further in the plan to send some of back-office IT works to their outsourcing destinations to get the flexibilities. But this action from the company would also increase the possibility of threat in IT Outsourcing. Even banking sectors have also started to take the help of the Offshore Outsourcing for one or the other reason. But all these lead to the danger of the valuable informations to the clients. In all these steps of theses companies’ data security should be the real concern. The cases of fraud with the credit card numbers and selling of the data are also increasing day by day. Generally these companies have their big set up in India for IT services. Let us take an example of ANZ bank who is also planning to shift some of their IT back office work to its Indian IT office.

One thing is sure that in such IT Outsourcing to any of the countries involve lots of risk as the data crosses the territory of the home country and shift to other country. You might face the problem with the different policies of the country and the legal aspects of the country sometimes might not favor you also. Technology is going to remain the most popular target during the process of Offshore Outsourcing. In this process of IT Outsourcing ownership of data and loyalty of the employees is the key factor. More and more keen eyed facilities from the side of the service providers has been must in today’s market as data security in danger.

All these are some of the important concerns regarding the security and safety of the data in IT Outsourcing process. Company should try to take every possible step to avoid such threats during the whole process of Offshore Outsourcing.