Russia is emerging as one of the hotspot for IT services, as more and more IT companies are looking to establish their presence in Russia. One of the examples of that is MartinsonTrigon ventures fund is planning to invest capital in Russian IT market. Demand of Russia Software Outsourcing is increasing gradually. It can be noticed that Russian IT market has started to attract the interest of foreign investors to invest in their country for IT Outsourcing. Lots of land marks are taking place in the country for overseas services in IT Industry.

Most demanded Software Outsourcing Destination

Venture capitalists on the Russian market are of a small numbers and far between, and the big news on this end generally comes from Moscow. The reality that such an important deal had taken place in St. Petersburg generated extra interest and rush of overseas countries for Software Outsourcing. Though, analysts informed that the deal should not essentially be seen as venture capitalism in the country. The main reason is Reksoft is already a well-established company. Overseas companies are showing more interest in Russia and planning their Software Outsourcing services accordingly. Generally companies who are looking for the cheap labor services for IT Outsourcing are now aiming Russia as they are finding the India is becoming costlier as far as overseas services in IT is concerned. This is the alarming situation for India and country must take some appropriate steps to maintain its position as the most demanded Software Outsourcing destination.

Apart from software services, Russia is also assisting for the telecoms, media and information technology services. Though most of the companies are investing in the country for IT services only, but these also are becoming suitable fields for overseas companies to invest in Russia. BPO services are also taking place from the country to provide facilities to overseas companies. Day by day the portfolio of the country is spreading. Russia is covering almost all the sectors for overseas services gradually. Technology Innovation is also on the boom in the country as lots of IT companies are setting up their plants in the country. Within the time period of 5-7 years country is expected to emerge as one of the best destination for IT Services.

The Software Outsourcing market in Russia is taking new shape as its demand is increasing gradually globally. Russia also has bigger territory that also attracts the overseas companies to set up their plants in the country. Russia also satisfies the geographical needs of the overseas countries. Country also have lots of talents and potentials with it for Software Outsourcing services that satisfy the need of the overseas companies with much cheaper labor rates, compared with other countries. These points and services are now making IT companies to think in Russia also with other countries.

Russian government is also providing total support to country’s talent and trying to boost up the IT Outsourcing services from the country. If the same scenario will be continue for few more years then Russia would definitely become one of the most demanded countries for Software Outsourcing.