Development of Offshore Outsourcing Application is one of the most important tasks. It has been the hottest topics in IT Outsourcing and in almost all other sectors. Main focus of this debate has been about the cost savings of the overall procedure. Now a day in many Business Development meetings the main focused topic is to keep positive aspects of using overseas services, like cost savings, quality of the products and services, and many more. Though there are some negatives points also for such Offshore Development like security/privacy perils, cultural and geographical issues, etc. which are found to be most common discussed topics for the people.

There are many crucial points or areas to be looked at while going for overseas services. Some of these in Offshore Outsourcing are: legal issues like contract structure, intellectual property of the company, warranties regarding the services, insurance and data system access and many more to be examined proper while development of the Offshore Development Application. Data security concerns and intellectual property rights should also be studied well from an international law perspective to avoid the probable risk of the business. Though it is found that many companies are positives about such overseas business.

Companies are finding lots of benefits by the help of such services. Many companies are finding almost cost reduction of 25% and reduction in the development or production time by 30%. But all these require good project management as being a key to success of the process. Though interestingly it is found that most of the companies are not using any particular strategy for such overseas dealing or they are also not using full-time project manager on the projects. Still sending jobs offshore should not be only for reducing the cost or for increasing the speed of application development.

Though many companies are dealing such overseas services in different ways as per their convenience but still Offshore Outsourcing Application Development has some important aspects which company should take under the consideration. Some of them are listed below.

Proper Methodology: Though there are different methodologies for different application development, but one should find the best suitable method to develop the application. It should be the one which covers the factors like cost, quality and time to market in the best possible ways.

Component Based Development Methodology: In Offshore Development, applications should be developed in “make-to-order” fashion. “Assemble-to-order” development is another way of development of application, where applications are assembled from a pre-built one to pre-tested components.

Standards to be included: In Offshore Outsourcing, proper standard for tools, architecture, or both, are key factors at the time of the development. These factors help in speeding up the process and also help in time savings.

All these factors and many more are there that can be very handy for the companies while developing the applications for the Offshore Outsourcing.