Companies who are heavily involved in the overseas dealings generally don’t prefer any particular guide lines or any methodology. Almost all the companies have their own way of doing the overseas business. Companies consider critical processes and methodologies for overseas services and dealings. One thing is sure that any particular guidance for Offshore Development is not possible but there are lots of experts who have tried to define the way of doing the Offshore Outsourcing business on the bases of their experience.

For the dealing on overseas business process, first of all prepare a list of overseas service providers who match your needs and requirements perfectly or close to your demands. After that start slimming the group of the vendors or service providers. Once you got the list of the few service providers who you find can be perfect or closer to your demand, surf the websites of those companies. Try to get as much possible as informations about the companies. Check out for the areas like their locations, their experience in the market, technologies they work in, testimonials of their clients and all possible aspects.

After the analysis is over start with a pilot project and evolve the relationship with two or three service providers. Take it for granted that Offshore Development works well if it is viewed as a strategic move. So if you are in a hurry, look for vendors or service companies who provide on-site or onshore support of senior and skilled professionals, experienced and qualitative resources. It would definitely help you to get the work done comfortably and with the desired time frame. But if you are thinking to go for a long-term, and continued Offshore Outsourcing center, then do the due-diligence in choosing the right type of overseas partner for you and your business. To make a perfect deal now build your confidence in their ability to stick to the right process, and start with a project or demo

Idea during the Offshore Development

The best advice from my side is to be more serious companies to send a few overseas providers to work with the Offshore Outsourcing group for a short period of time like couple of weeks. Though it is better to stay onshore also during the whole overseas deal, like to take the help of 10% onsite, 90% offsite help. It would help company to get the idea of both the territory. To have proper mix with a regular rotation of staff is again a good idea during the Offshore Development. It would ensure the enough support and understanding within the team. Once the project is over successfully, evaluate the whole process, with every possible angel and aspects and fix any problems before scaling the outcome of it.

One of the biggest problems with an Offshore Development center are to adopt a new techniques of capturing and communicating needs, designing techniques, tracking of the development process and to make sure the result matches the requirements. All these might be very much useful guidance at the time of the process of Offshore Development.