In Offshore Software Development, Security Vendors now demand checks, which can be considered as an extra step to ensure the security of the codes of the projects. Software companies are now required to add additional controls to the development procedure for products like software that is developed outside their country. Companies are now also on a move to have all overseas-developed projects of software to be inspected well for nasty capabilities implemented in the code of the program. It is also found that now companies want Industry and government to work collectively to prepare some form of standard or review process to tackle this growing threat in the market globally. IT Outsourcing process is on the high threat situation at present as more and more frauds are taking place in this industry.

In the meetings of the most of the companies, issue of cyber security is also one of the most discussed topics while going for such overseers dealings. One thing is true in Offshore Software Development that it really doesn’t make any difference at all that where your software is developed but more important thing is the process that requires very tight controls and very strong scrutiny to reduce the threats to the informations or the data. Still the main reason behind all these Offshore Outsourcing is that the software vendors find overseas services as easy and cheap. But with the increments in the frauds it is marked that the Offshore Software Development vendors are working harder to inform government and private customers about the security and privacy. Lots of companies are now also showing interest in making sure as many people as possible that they have known their mistakes and they have also found the way to fix them.

Now companies are taking very dramatic steps to increase their physical privacy and security, but still the problem is their information networks has not progressed with the same speed anywhere. Though some experts believe that companies which trust in patch management services for overseas dealings have “false security” because they are just focusing smaller problems and missing larger problems. Survey suggests that only 30% of an organization’s verified vulnerabilities affect for patching. Still remaining 70% have problems with their networks exposed and it is really very dangerous and easily exploited one too.

Offshore Software Development Security Products

Offshore Software Development security products do not focus on the problem of full life-cycle vulnerability management system and services, and effectively itself becomes the part of the problem at the end. Software vendors are required to accept responsibilities for the role their products play in the market. Some more measures are required to make Offshore Outsourcing vendors more accountable for the qualitative products and services. Systems like tax breaks, cyber security insurance and lawsuit reform might be helpful tools for the companies to make more secure products.

In short some serious efforts are still required from the side of the vendors and clients for the security to the products during the Offshore Software Development.