Sending the IT job work has been the fashion and trend for almost all the IT companies. There are lots of advantages involved with the process of sending such work to other countries. American and Australian companies are on the top of the list for sending their overseas, especially to the countries like India and China. These two countries are perfect opponents for each other in the field of Information Technology. Though some other countries are there too who are in the race but companies from Australia and America consider these two destinations as the one stop solution. Still the survey suggests that India Software Development has better market attraction as compared to China. India is leading the way for IT Outsourcing and services. Lots of MNCs have their presence in the Indian Territory for one or more reasons.

India and China are the two countries who have similarity in almost all the areas. Both have enough manpower to serve the needs of the global companies. Both have almost equal talented and skilled work force that meets the needs of the global world for IT Outsourcing. Both are price competitive also up to some extent. Still India Software Development is the first choice for many countries including America. Country is also able to attract greater American investments as compared to China and some other IT Outsourcing countries. India has the country with almost all facilities that one would seek while taking the decision of Software Outsourcing.

The facts and figures suggest that companies from US prefer more to invest in India than to China. Country has better manufacturing and infrastructure facilities. India is also the country with major pool of English speaking professionals. Enough skilled and talented manpower is also charging the lower labor rate. All these are the factors that attract the companies from other countries like US to investment in India.

India Software Development improves

Country is also increasing its lead in service sector and enhancement in infrastructure and manufacturing units. Country is also ahead of China in providing services to the American companies in the industries like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Software Industry. The experts also predict that if India Software Development improves on manufacturing and infrastructure quality, country would definitely be able to attract and divert US investment in its favor. IT Outsourcing form the country also has enough potential to cope up with the global challenges. The present statistic figures say that Indo-US trade in the present scenario stands at a merger US$40 billion. For Telecom companies from Australia, India is the perfect destination for BPO services and Offshore Software Development. They are heavily investment in India for these services.

All these facts and figures suggest the demand of India Software Development in the global market. Still India needs to improve in certain sectors of IT services.