NeoAccel is preparing to set up Offshore Software Development centers in India

Recent news suggests that US-based NeoAccel is preparing to set up Offshore Software Development centers in India. It is an Internet security solutions firm. Company has allocated a budget of Rs 50 crore to establish development centers in the cities of India like Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. Company is also planning to hire a couple of hundred systems software professionals and engineers from the territory over the period of next 2-3 years. The company already has its presence in Mumbai, India with a small operation with about the staff of 40 people as a part of India Software Outsourcing. CEO of the company also stated that the company was eager on developing software in a great way in Indian Territory and it was planning to establish its development centers in the cities of India.

NeoAccel has come out with some newer technology solution and services called SSL VPN (Security Socket Layer Virtual Private Network) Plus for Offshore Software Development. This technology solution is expected to get rid of network problems which were occurred during conventional SSL VPNs. Company also declared that they are expecting to enable businesses to apply highly-secure, and scalable approach with the native network execution of IPSec VPNs. As a part of Offshore Software Development, company believes that the newer technology solution would also overcome the boundaries in the predictable performance-limited web security systems. It is found that the public Internet and wireless LANs services have inherent packet loss at the time of communication. So company has found out the solution that is 30 times faster and more effective than other SSL VPN solutions at the time of packet loss during the IT Outsourcing. This solution has been developed to address the needs and wants of the customers like secure remote access, secure wireless access and also sometimes customers finds problems of security during site-to-site connectivity. So all these areas are covered in it.

CEO of the company also stated that the IT industry perceived an evolution from IPSec VPN to SSL VPN as SSL VPN carried out important advantages to the customers. Though the development of the whole solution required heavy IT budget for both the purposes; implementation and continuing maintenance of gateway systems and customers. As the market changes to SSL VPN, company expects to be a top player and eyes the leadership position in the list of the service providers. The VPN and firewall market size was anticipated to expand to almost $900 million in 2009 from $127 million in 2004. One thing is also there that the technology had fetched some advantages to clients by overwhelming some technical barriers.

Scenario with Software Outsourcing India

CEO of the company also added that company’s development of newer technology solution would facilitate injected latency of just 10 milliseconds for the processes like video conferencing sessions and VoIP, compared to 14 milliseconds by other solutions. NeoAccel expects its newer solution to be in much wanted scenario with the India Software Outsourcing industry because of its low level of latency for the faster services it provides. The newer solution runs on standard Intel-based rack mount and IBM/Intel server blades. It is also accessible in software and hardware appliance configurations and would also help the company for their purpose of Offshore Software Development. The price of the whole system ranges from $3,000 to $100,000-plus. It also depends on the no. of synchronized users.

NeoAccel has already launched its solution in the markets of US and Japan and has also sold around 440 server licenses there. Now they are taking chance to launch the solution in India. Company also added that the newer security system would definitely help for the better purpose of Offshore Software Development.