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Monday, March 20, 2006

Nigeria introducing itself in Software Development

We have been reading hundreds of articles in a day, to understand the value and importance of Software Development Companies worldwide. But this notification is also experienced by surprise note even by the people of Nigeria , which is fighting poverty and jobless opportunity without technology. Now this is the best ever news produced by any of the E-technology services. If we think of Nigeria, only one thought that arises in our mind is its sight-seeing location. But now the country has thought of novel ways to solve the technological differences by introducing Software Services among the country and overseas only to prosper and increase the job employment amongst the nation.
Software Outsourcing Industry calls for full-time workers who can turn new businesses for the company. These workers are either paid on hourly or weekly basis. The minimum time of working hours is 8 hours but in some Software Development Company, it may lead to 10 hours a day too. But this has been the scenario for all the software developers around the world. This growth has efficiently affected the economic growth of the country. This can change the poor lives into merry livings.

Software Development industries gaining momentum

Software Development Industries are gaining its momentum in the technological field. The US based Companies do not mind to send their work offshore to nations like China, India, Australia, because these companies are willing to take risk to generate work and profit. These Software Outsourcing companies have no burden of retraining their employees and even pay salary including perks to these employees.
maintained and developed in an ample amount. The technical talents and resources are very much in variety and there is possibility of better services to the clients; even though distance between the countries is visible. Government in the recent days has understood the need of technology development and is less opposing the various ideas and innovations to heighten the Software Development Company. With this support, the entrepreneur finds flexible atmosphere within the Company and the group activity between the employees is seen as competent.
Now what we find in some of the companies, that they are insufficient to exposure of technological field. This is due to the lack of providence of educational knowledge regarding computers and software, that these employees are not able to make use of the advancement. Some of the large software companies have taken notice of this, and they continuously insist the government to provide free e-education to these employees and retrain them in the Software Outsourcing field of business. These employees when are put on job, they in turn produce high work turnover for the Software Development Companies.
With proper plan structure and heavy investments on the technological services and equipments, the well-established company can nearly hire 20-30 employees in the initial year, and then generate more work projects and employees. What the company needs to care off is, as a Software Developer, it needs to maintain the quality standards and comparably gives good services to the other Software Outsourcing Companies.