With the north American Offshore Outsourcing contract, the value accounting more than fifty per cent of Business Process Outsourcing contracts, comparing to 40 % in quarter one in last year, the companies are sending a clear signal that it is time to recognize the high value additions to Offshore Outsourcing which can deliver for internal or external stakeholders.

According to one research, the value of global Offshore Outsourcing contract awards in year reached almost 7 billion dollar and that accounted percentage of total awarded global Software Development contract value that was an increase from 33 percent in year 2003. The major of contract are valued and out of those 80 percentages was derived from services related to front office and middle office. The office accounting, HR and procurement off shoring services are just 20 percent of international BPO contracted value. There is inherent need to keep momentum with these trends, and now the requirement is even more careful for measuring of the rate of interest of the digital marketing campaigns. The Information Technology that is gathered about the client’s interaction with products and services is an essential bit of effectively growing of Offshore Outsourcing services.

The concern from users of outsourcing services by western people, Software Development India is likely having the tighter data protection and privacy regime. As the handling of large volumes of data from the America, U.K. and Europe, the Indian government is under tremendous and increasing pressure from BPO operations and calls centers in India that to pass a data protection law.

Offshore Outsourcing industry

The specific advantages of the software as a service-platform has installed new marketing applications, if one look for software industry from digital asset management to site search, content management, web analytics, email campaigning mgmt. and almost in every marketing application it can be purchased as a software development service these days. This would highly recommend and valuable resource for keeping up to date on Offshore Outsourcing industry.

There is requirement for some specific applications by Google, to develop its own technical infrastructure center; while Amazon requires for its own ecommerce technology center. These are some of the competitive advantages to the core business by Software Development. But building of own content management system, email campaign tool or banner ad management system is not all the competitive advantage in Offshore Outsourcing world. There is hiring of consultants who build requirements documents in turn to RFP’s and then build some set of tools for managing pieces of the digital market structure. By putting all the common sense to the wind, and metamorphosing of Offshore Outsourcing department by software, IT development, and likes of BPO or call center, startup simply because it does not require having a confrontation with the financial folks that makes no meaning.