In this globalization world demand of skilled and talented manpower is increasing steadily with the innovation in the technology. The globalization of services and duties tends to commence from the bottom up. It is noticed that Offshore Outsourcing is climbing skill hierarchy gradually. In the initial stages just assembly job works used to move overseas by the companies. Gradually it involved different areas of skills with it and some other specials duties also. After that such Offshore Development tasks required more attentions and quality along with it. In the last decade skilled work like computer programming and IT services and other development services were on the boom for Offshore Outsourcing and gradually their flow increased along with increment of the benefit of the services. More and more job works used to leave the territory and the process of sending the work overseas was on the pick.

Sending work overseas for the development initially used to take place for the development purpose only. The main attractive factor and reason for it was the cost saving benefit. Companies used to send work overseas to save the development cost only. But with the innovation in the technology companies now also demand skills and talents along with the simple job work. Special departments like research and development are also taking place along with management department in the big companies. Lots of researches are taking place on development services to enhance the quality of the work. Along with the quality of the work talented and skilled manpower is also demanded highly rather than just labors.

Market of Offshore Outsourcing

To maintain and improve the quality of the work and services companies are hiring the best talents in the industry and paying them the high salaries also. Competition has also increased in the market of Offshore Outsourcing because of the quality of the work. Now companies also focus on hiring the best talented and skilled professionals along with the lower pay rate. Market of India and China are the booming one for this mixture of services in Offshore Development services. For these companies tax incentives are also not making much impact. At the end of the day they want best quality mixture of cost and talent with them for Offshore Outsourcing.

MNC s are ready to spend unbelievable amount to hire talents from India and China for Offshore Outsourcing as they are finding the best mixture of low cost and talented manpower. Such MNCs are now directly hiring talents from the colleges and IT universities with the best pay scale. They are finding that the pay scale is almost five times low in India and China than their home soil. IT Outsourcing to India and China is on the boom as present because both of these countries has the best mixture of cost and talents.

Gradually the quality factor is demanded more in this competitive market as the market is becoming more mature. Market is also becoming more innovative and competition is on the top for quality services in Offshore Outsourcing.