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Monday, March 20, 2006

Oracle and some big changes in the company

Oracle sketched new multicore pricing strategy for running its software in late December 2005. Company had changed its exclusive formula for defining the price of running its software on new multicore processors, declared by the company. Company was still playing active role in determining the pricing its products per process core instead of charging it per package, as some other software companies have done.
There was news too in the market that MySQL’s success was a fear to Oracle’s database business and it was only the matter of time before the merger of theses two companies. Oracle was in the process of acquisition of Innobase in late October 2005. It is also believe true that MySQL is faster, more reliable, and easier to use with the right price than Oracle. Though other fact is also that Oracle is world-class venture RDBMS. Oracle would also have to face competition not only from MySQL but also from IBM, Microsoft and many other brand names. Though by this acquisition, company would gain three things. It would gain accurate accounting MySQL’s market share, access to the catalog of MySQL customers, and also it would own the InnoDB code.

partnership between Oracle and Sun

In a meeting held in Oracle-Sun “Employee Town Hall” in early January 2006, it was announced that partnership between Oracle and Sun Microsystems would continue. Meeting also declared that Oracle has signed up for a new 10-years license for the development purpose of the Java Platform. Sun also proposed a special priced bunch of a Sun UltraSPARC server along with Oracle Database10g software. It also offered a year of service. Sun would also transfer its internal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to Oracle’s latest ERP software and would also depend on Oracle’s advertising and marketing strategies to help promote Sun products globally. It was also noticed that companies would compete in some specific areas, but for that both companies would require to work together. Oracle recently stated their backing of Sun’s Solaris 10 operating system.
Oracle also released its quarterly Security Software Update that indicates the fixation of a wide variety of susceptible in its current database and server products. The update was of total 37 susceptible in its Database Software, and also big no. of bugs in Oracle’s Application Server Collaboration Suite. Though the company didn’t release the details of technical matters because of security reasons. Company also declared the next patches for quarterly updates that might release on 18th April.
In this way big giant Oracle is making these and many more changes to pose competitions for its opponents.