The process of choosing a potential Software Outsourcing vendor on a competitive basis will take a lot of time and great effort with it, so one should finally not have more than three or four potential vendors by their list. If one is thinking that it requires the service of Offshore Outsourcing consultants in some area, it would give better invitation before starting of the selection process. The procedure of choosing Software Outsourcing service provider on a competitive basis involves some of the following things.

Collection of information on the potential vendors: For surety purpose the Software Development service provider has the necessary and required experience, examine their organization’s portfolio and in case-study look for the software projects in the same area as the one in which you are going to make off shoring. The request of proposal will help to create competition between the potential Software Outsourcing vendors and cut the costs, consequently. But sure that it has to be well planned and effective as well, that makes it part time consuming or sometimes even makes money consuming.

Securitization of the proposals received: To compare the proposals might be difficult task if the potential Software Development vendors do not stick to the same standards, sometimes it happens very often, especially among offshore outsourcing service providers. For avoiding of this type of problem, it has to specify all the required details in the request of proposal.

Software Outsourcing vendors information

By references: Contacting at least one client of each potential Software Outsourcing vendor information’s on promptness of the service rendered and quality would be helpful to the outsourcer. On organizations site, if a potential IT Outsourcing vendor denied providing a list of customers, then ask the Offshore Service Provider to refer a client that will be able to supply with some of the necessary information. Sometime it would be need less to keep stay in the mind that the client might want the Software Development Service Provider to pay back with better and cheaper service, so in that case the information would not be objective. Look one example and do not ask the point blank, is that you satisfied with the quality of the service rendered by the vendors? Review the comments and advice for some time, and then think which process you should change by starting the project all over again. Try to find out as much as you can about the producer’s current volume of work, if the customer contacts the Service Provider on a permanent basis; Steer clear of those vendors that have either too few customers or too many projects.

Final comparison: By using the common sense, do not choose the Software Outsourcing vendor that lacks needed expertise even if the vendor makes so many promises and offers low prices. You should take it into consideration the combination of these factors, not just the one that looks like the most attractive.