Currently the scenario in the Information Technology  is that more and more employees are loosing the jobs as the companies prefer to move more tech functions overseas. Still there are some ways to stay employed and keep away the rising rush of outsourcing trend. One thing is sure that quality and job factors will prevail in Offshore Outsourcing saturation. Research and reports from some companies suggests IT professionals to train in areas less likely to be robotic and to develop high-level skills that would run away the hit of the full influence of globalization in almost all the areas. These experts have their own opinion regarding the IT Outsourcing and services. They are relying on their own perfection, expertise and quality of job work to conquer claims. These are the companies who have lost many employees because of the more Offshore Outsourcing.

Process of Offshore Outsourcing

In its prediction, Gartner said IT companies will get smaller as technology becomes more commoditized and jobs and functions are done by the Process of Offshore Outsourcing. Companies are now sending more and more jobs to other parts of the globe. These research companies also predict that in the coming years more and more call center operations will move overseas as a part of IT Outsourcing. They survey also suggests that 30% of the world’s 1000 largest organizations are shifting jobs and other functions to other developed countries.

Though, the companies that are in the middle of these all, or currently considering overseas IT work, will learn the hard way as the competition is increasing in the market. Companies and service providers dare quietly confident that when clients do business with an overseas service provider, the parent organization soon brings the service back in-house if the quality of the work is poor. So in current scenario quality is one of the most important factors in such overseas dealing.

Survey also suggests that in the next three to five years time period companies will realize that Offshore Outsourcing is a bad idea and bring it all back onshore. This might also happen as the quality factor is playing an important role in such overseas dealing. The survey also suggests that all these IT Outsourcing work will come back to onshore. It is also marked that companies who used to outsource the support desks functions are also back to onshore for these functions in the last three years. The market scenario is totally opposite for Offshore Outsourcing as IT departments are growing rapidly in the competitive world. Many clients found complaining that they are facing lots of problems during the services from Offshored helpdesk or call center, and at the end of the day they find that nothing would be done regarding their problems.

It is marked from the survey that the strong craze to Offshore Outsourcing what used to have for in-house Software Development will escort to greater utilization of off-the shelf packages. As more and more IT services get commoditized, theoretically it gets convenient to outsource as an alternative to observing the work internally.