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Friday, March 24, 2006

Recipe for Software Outsourcing

It would be very easy for Software Development Outsourcing that can save the time and simultaneously money which is very important, if one knows what it requires. To expect from the Offshore Outsourcing team to have a list of software developed would be very unreasonable, so in that one can select what they want. Now days many Organizations from America arty to make outsource their work in spite of lacking of good knowledge and understanding power of what the software do, and some time this happened to be the reason for failure of Offshore Software Outsourcing development.
Sometimes the American organizations hire an offshore outsourcing vendor as if they are going to hotel. So, they select the cuisine based on the flavor of the IT-technology they requires likes of Indian .NET and Indian Java or might be Chinese Oracle and how about some Russian C++ as well. So, unfortunately there is not an exact menu for the items outsourcer might like to order from Software Outsourcing partner. So, approach of offshoring by client as like they are walking into a restaurant.
Sometimes, there is little bit fear of getting bogged down by the details. Since some outsourcing executives are great with persons, and they feel much more comfortable hiring a people to handle the details. Actually they know very well how to manage a person, better than they can manage an offshore outsourcing team of IT-programmers in abroad location. In the case of firm like Accelerance Co., is working as a virtual partner, responsible for the software design and development for the customers.

Cost of Software Outsourcing

As the cost of Software Outsourcing is so low that rework and multiple designing iterations are affordable can work because the client is always saying, design the software, which matches my requirement. But this type of arrangement works only when Time and Materials basis payment would be there. And there is no way to offer fixed pricing because of the end product that is not well defined for Offshore Outsourcing.
Of course, any specification may not stop outsourcer from asking a fixed price bid, in this case, one can make Software Outsourcing with the creation of any specification which defines their software for some fixed price. After that the resulting complete of design specification is used to create another fixed price bid for writing the software outsourcing project.