Satyam is one of the major IT players in the Indian market. Company is very well known globally for the qualitative services it provides. Day by day the success of the company is touching the sky as the company is touching the new milestones gradually. Company is one of the major software and services outsourcers globally. Satyam is playing major role in success of IT Outsourcing to country. Company just reported the growth in revenue and profit for the quarter ended on December 31, 2005.

IT Outsourcing and services

This report indicates that the company is riding an Offshoring boom globally. Satyam also predicted that it would cross the figure of $1 billion in revenue growth for company’s fiscal year ending March 31st 2006. This gain would be around 37.5% to 38% over the previous fiscal year as per the announcement for IT Outsourcing. Company is also doing well in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector along with Offshore Software Development and this prediction also includes its revenue generation from its offshore and BPO subsidiaries. Company also employs almost 30-32% of its manpower outside the India. This includes client sties, and has also hired best executives from outside India. Though many companies including the Satyam from India are now facing the rise in salaries for its staff in the territory. All these are happening may be because of the expansion of the MNCs like IBM and Accenture in the country for IT Outsourcing and services.

Satyam also just set up a center in Kolkata, India. It indicates one more step of the company towards the success. Company also announced that around 2000 skilled and talented manpower would be employed in the project. Company at present is operating in 53 countries. They also announced that they are planning to employee around 10,000 in the plant in Kolkata within the time period of 3 years. Though in the initial stages, the Offshore Software Development work of the company would be followed by the BPO services. Kolkata is the sixth destination of company’s operation in country as a part of Software Development India. Company at present possess the total manpower of around 26,000 and has its operations in almost 53 countries.

In early November, 2005 it was also declared that Microsoft China and Satyam agreed to work jointly in Greater China to tap the complex IT Systems for IT Outsourcing. Both of them would establish Satyam Microsoft Adaptive Solution Center. All these are some of the successful steps of the company toward the success in IT Outsourcing. Company also announced the strategic alliance with LeftBrain, a provider of integrated supplier relationship management (SRM) solution. Company said that it would be facilitate project definition and planning, ERP systems integration and many more services.

All these indicate the success of the Satyam Computers in the IT Outsourcing services and problems solutions.