Last year a no. of leading analytical companies did a survey for overseas services, but their main focus was Russia, regarding the world’s leading markets for IT Outsourcing. Though the scenario was different for the country few years ago and it was hard to predict the country receiving such credit. It is marked that over the last two or three years the average growth ratio among country’s overseas software programmers and developers has reached to 30% percent to 50% and some companies have performed even better in this area. It is found that Software Developers creates Global Impact for Offshore Outsourcing services. Their approach is also getting changed toward the global market.

Software Companies from the country also got the words of appreciation by international analysts. It is really a major step forward for marketing of vendors by Russia-based export-oriented software development organizations. Statistic figures for Offshore Outsourcing suggests that year 2005 was marked by $1 billion of overall market volume and now country expects the 30% of growth to continue into the year is year 2006 also. According to this statistic figure country’s Offshore Software Development – export firms have started to set up representative offices in key regions globally from 2005. It also suggests that every third Russian firm has a sales & representative office in Canada or America. More than one third of software developers also have their sales offices in different parts of Western Europe regions. Country also expects these figures of growth of Offshore Outsourcing to rise in the current year of 2006. By enhancing abroad perceptions of Russia the reliability of Russian IT companies on the global market is increased and also helps them to participate in tender lists formalities.

Another sign of international credit as Offshore Outsourcing

Another sign of international credit as Offshore Outsourcing is that from the autumn of 2005 until the starting of 2006 a no. of Russian software vendors have either been obtained by another bigger company or invested in by a third party or by some others. Country’s IT Outsourcing vendors can be divided into 3 groups. The first group is the one who has chosen the ‘Indian way’ of low prices and sufficient quality. Though the labor pool in the country is relatively smaller than that of India. Companies falling under this group are a mixed bunch. Companies falling under the second group follow the ‘Irish way’ of realization of complicated, science-intensive and almost tough deals. There is a correlation between the factors of risks and returns in IT Outsourcing. The companies falling under the third group follow the ‘Russian way’ of strategy and trying to enlarge sales in the Russian territory.

Though, low rates and under-developed IT infrastructure takes to lower return on investment. Though the IT education level is high in the country as almost 50% of all university students end up as highly-qualified and skilled IT professionals. It is also marked that most Russian IT professionals hold degrees of Masters or Specialist in IT education that helps in the country’s global image for IT services and problems solutions. Country is known for its pool of well-educated skills and professional that is constantly improving in terms of both: quantity and quality.

Though country’s developers are marked for their ability to solve complex and tough software engineering tasks and projects. Country also expects to see more and more IT projects with a stress on departments like R&D, who trusted to Russian firms for Offshore Outsourcing.