Verifications of database re-factoring requirement: There is perhaps the required data structure which already exists. If this is not the case, assess it to confirm the change required. The Software Development employee articulates the required business motivating for a change. The questions are that whether the Software Development worker made well, enough suggestions in the past or not?

Choose appropriate database re-factoring: For storing the postal code one decides to add a new column, produce new tables for different address type, and modify the existing column to accept the new data type. While in some case, the Software Development by DBA decides to replace the whole Column.

Data-cleansing determination needs: In the column of zip code while looking at the values, take a quick look in column itself; one may find the requirement to clean the data source by application of method of data cleansing and re-factoring before Software Development process.

Software Development process

Unit tests writing: One knows that Software Development process can safely change the database schema if it can easily validate fort the database that still works after a change. Oracle databases that can help for regression testing, because test data is critical to the success, one should consider a tool such as Data-tact.

Deprecation: One can not change database schema very instantly, so it will have to work with the old and new schema, while the other application group re-factor and deploy the systems. The parallel time of running, and depreciation period that reflects the realities of the sandboxes that one is working. In the test or quality assurance the production of sandboxes, the deprecation period would be in months and some time even for years.

Implementation by change: The application of Software Development team work together to make some changes in the sandbox development, naturally it will require to re-factor the application code for working with a new database. For some refactorings, one might decide to get back out because of their poor performance, which does not forget to check the portion of the change of that schema that follows corporate database Software Development guidelines.

Running of the regression tests: Once the application of Software Development code and database schema don’t forget to run the regression test. Some of the testing activities include the installation and generation of test data, running while the tests, actual test results compared with the expected results, and importantly the resetting of the database the way it was founded.

Version controls for the work: The Software Development workers must put all of the work under some configuration management control. The change of scripts, migration of data scripts, test cases, a test of data generation code, documentation, or models.