Several service providers sight vendor management as a necessary iniquity. But very less actually find it very interesting, as this is very time consuming and an administrative burden type of work. It is found that vendors are often sighted not just as an irritation but also as hungry fakers and takers. Although that site from the side of viewer is partially justified. Though there are some ways to avoid vendor management mistake in Offshore Outsourcing. One thing is sure that if they are managed properly, the success ratio for any assigned project increases considerably, and win-win situation would be there.

Actually these vendors are the companies that provide new services and products, solutions and skills to the industry—and these companies are full of manpower who, want to succeed but whose greed for success can drift. Handling such vendors means managing their manpower also and managing people is driven by what inspires them. If the inspiration is focused in a way that is beneficial to both participants, then only immense things can come out of the whole deal.
In Offshore Outsourcing, these vendors can be identified in multiple ways like, product vendors and service vendors. This is on the bases of their size and services offered.

Offshore Outsourcing deals

In such Offshore Outsourcing deals small product vendors are usually equipped with high-quality, determined employees who are eager to work with their customers and bend the rules because of their sharp awareness of their size and their requirement to be known so they can grow. Small vendors provide you more if you find a method to take them under your hands to help still beware not to violate that relationship.

Mid-size to big product vendors are a total different one altogether. To know how best to work with such Offshore Development service providers, first it is best to know how they are inspired and how they make money from the process of Offshore Outsourcing. It is found that large product vendors have risen by obtaining more customers, enhancing and expanding the range of the products and services, and acquiring other product and service firm for the better purpose of Offshore Development. Their way of generation of the fund is totally different like license fees and with services they provide. Generally they also charge you higher amount for the services they provide you.

In Offshore Outsourcing, to manage is bit tough and need some expertise also. Don’t involve the vendor in the justification of the product or its implementation. Not even in its testing phases. This tip might seem understandable, but in many cases it is marked that the vendor who has installed and configured the product is given the task of the testing contract. Be always ready to diversify if the vendor is not performing up to the expectation or your requirements in Offshore Development. Product configuration and demands by product vendors is one of their key revenue engines, so keep an eye on that also.

These are some of the tips regarding the way to avoid the mistakes in Offshore Outsourcing.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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