“Brain-Training” in Software Development Company is been considered an important factor in the IT Industry. With each employee who progresses from one department to higher sects, training becomes a necessary part in India Software Industry. But these Software Development Companies cannot fully rely on excellent results, when the workers or fresher are trained only in one single session. The company has a right to demand results, when they have core structure to help the employees go through the process with both feedback of knowledge and experience.

So training and learning is a continuous process in the BPO and Software Sector of Industry. No matter how long it takes, but to show outstanding performance in the industry, it is patience and time of experiences teaches a human and helps them to achieve the level par excellence. Now let us have an in-depth reading on how excellent training faculty helps the employee and how important is training pertaining to employees in the Software Sect is crucial.

Attrition in the Software Development

Now there has been good news around that by the end of year 2006, there will be IT growth for about $1.2 in increase in the BPO and Software Development Sects. Moreover, NASSCOM has predicted that Indian BPO and Software Outsourcing Industry had shown 59% growth in the fiscal year 2003-04. But the attrition in the Software Development firms of India is higher as much as 34%.

This is due to the lack of training provided in the BPO and Software Development Industry by a specialized faculty. The training sessions do not show optimum results as it should, and thus the India Outsourcing Companies are not able to tap the necessary talent from their employees. These forces the executives leave the job. So the employee turnover ratio is high in a Company and the HR of the Industry finds it difficult to recruit employees. This is a total loss to the company, as the company does provide insane or quality less training in the Software Development Company.

Now correcting the current scenario of training is a mammoth task undertaken in the Software Development Company. Executive Software Developers being the best assets of the Industry, orienting and training these employees become rather necessary in this huge cost of market. Any software developer or engineer in the Software Development setting needs continuous up gradation with newer technologies and skills (soft-skills) which can be only achieved through incorporated training. Yes, the company is positioned to index such an expense on part of the revenues invested in the training process. The IT Industry when trains this programs of “training brains” BPO and KPO sects, the firm earns the faith and achievement of prudential employees.

The investment on training is less when compared to the business costs and the increase of employee turnover. Thus the strategic training program should include models, various platforms and fields on discussion, if necessary; check on their technical ability skill. When these project leaders have to deal with international clients, soft-skills and interpersonal relationship is very important in the business.