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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chinese Software Development Outsourcing

New-Market Technology will introduce Chinese Software Development Outsourcing to American organizations; with offering cheaper price, good quality and better dependability as compared to Indian Offshore Outsourcing firms. The company announced their plan to offer U.S. organizations for software development & maintenance with supportive services provided by China operation center. Today in the world Software Development Outsourcing to China is estimated to billion dollar industry and this organization is a market leader of industry in the U.S.
In previous year New-Market Offshore Outsourcing firm launched their new operations in China and subsequently signed contract of mote than 20 million dollars with some of Chinese organizations. It is now aggressively marketing their capabilities of developing software to American companies. Now a day China is also offering competitive in product & support services comparing to International market. It is currently come out with more English speaking IT-professional or software engineers as compared to earlier. At cheaper rate these significant benefits come.
With such efforts of introducing American organization to the firm’s capabilities in China, New-Market hosts regular IT Trade Missions for China Information Technology professionals, so the can learn more about the development process of software and other maintenance capabilities that are available in China. The co-author of Outsourcing systems and services is a Prentice Hall book published in Chinese and English language. It led one of the largest outsourcing relationships and pioneered Indian offshoring sector for the American security industry.

Software Development Center in America

New-Market is very soon going to launch the Chinese Software Development Center in America. After great experience of IT outsourcing, the invitation came for visiting New-Market's offshore software development resources in China. But the difference is there, with that time those Chinese organization were not ready for prime time. Since year 2002 China has come long way. The main importing nation for the Software Development Services from china is Japan and the figure went to 3 billion dollars with some maintenance services as well. Business model and outstanding resources in China are destined to make China as serious competitor for world leaders with offshore dominance.
One of the leading global outsourcing experts and executive director of Software Outsourcing Research, Martin McCaffrey is widely recognized with the Chinese Software Outsourcing efforts. All of them have hired multiple local Chinese vendor companies to support the effort of localization programming. So with that consequences of that, the software industry of china is rapidly getting more and more experience. If the prevalent remains to be seen, it will succeed in China. It will definitely demonstrate some of the capabilities available from China and will provide information & resources that concerns government of china for initiatives in bringing of Software Development Outsourcing.