Indian BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) organizations are finding that they require United States facilities, services and staff to run operations for the Offshore Outsourcing services. But this doesn’t seem to be good for them as they might not get the total benefits they require. It is clear that clean Offshore Outsourcing model might not get favor for Indian Business Process Outsourcing organizations. These companies are finding that they might not get the services and facilities that their colleagues are getting in United States. Companies might also find tough time ahead for IT Outsourcing services because of this issue. One thing is sure that employees working in U.S. are getting better facilities than one working in India.

There was also an issue in ICICI One Source Ltd. Company, a Mumbai-based Business Process Outsourcing organization where they declared that it purchased Account Solutions Group LLC (ASG). They gained this agency with 500 employees of the company. Though, the price of this business deal was not declared by ICICI. This acquisition would facilitate ICICI the ability to propose its customers collections services and other facilities, in addition to other related services. This list will include the services like customer acquisition and billing services that it already proposes from India. ICICI would also acquire the access to the agency’s customer base, and it strategies to cross-sell their other services and offers to them.

Offshore Outsourcing model

Still the clean Offshore Outsourcing model doesn’t seem to be obtained by any of the service providers from India. Though, this acquisition of ICICI highlighted a cultivating trend by Indian BPO and IT Outsourcing organizations of setting up U.S., U.K. and Canada based services and operations by gaining the firms on those destinations. It would definitely help the services and facilities of the company in many ways for proper Offshore Development services. Another Bangalore-based BPO organization declared earlier that it signed a contract to obtain SOC (Source One Communications Inc.), a BPO firm in New York, in an all cash deal for Offshore Outsourcing services.

That company has almost 500 call center in the Unites States, Canada and Philippines for IT Outsourcing services. These call centers also provided 24/7 customer care services globally. One more Bangalore-based BPO organization is planning to establish operations and facilities in Canada to address their U.S. clients. All these Offshore Outsourcing deals are taking place because these companies know that having the pure services for overseas services is not possible for them in India. The only option for them is to shift their operations to the destinations for which they are targeting. In India at present BPO services as a part of IT Outsourcing is on the boom. But still companies here in India lack some facilities for that and it prevents them from the pure Offshore Outsourcing services.

As the companies are unable to gain the advantage of clean services for Business Process Outsourcing in the country, they have started to shift their operations in the overseas destinations for better Offshore Outsourcing services.