For many years Software outsourcing is being practiced, yet the entire methodology of development hasn’t stabilized completely. Further, all the organizations involved in the process are far more satisfied than what appears. This article does not only talk about the complete IT infrastructure outsourcing. It’s restricted to outsourcing software development only. Finally, the tangible advantage accrued with the consequence of outsourcing software development is still more elusive for recent times.

While working with the IT Outsourcing industry, some people have been witnessed to a lot of good and bad practices and some of consequences in it. This article discusses some of the points that causes and a set some of guidelines. It is equally relevant to clients as well as Software Outsourcing service vendors. Although, these days everyone knows what’s actual happen in Software Development Outsourcing.

• Development of Software is initiated because of some internal business related requirement.
• SDO is done due to its impossible scenario of skills and time or inefficiency of cost of budget by in-house work.
• This implicitly significantly means that the outsourcing vendor will provide skills, cost advantage and time without compromising the quality of Software Projects.
• Maintenance is very long-term task, so it can best do internally in spite of externally. The Outsourcing process should also cater to these needs and prove as best and cost-beneficial in the segment.
• Technology changes as people leave so; the end product should be well manageable and free of errors and problems.
• There must be some mechanism for proving the outsourcing did, that lead to advantage in all expected segments.

Software Outsourcing process

Genially we think that there are only two parties involved for the Software Outsourcing process that is the service producing vendor and client. However, what we think like that things are not that much simple. Here the word ‘party’ shows the entity, which has distinct role and objectives to be played in the Software Development process. So if one thinks from this point of view, there are so many parties involved in it. For making things cleat, one have been also listed with the base objective from each party. As one can see, there are so many organizations involved and every one of them has a separate type of agenda. Due to this, the Offshore Outsourcing of Software outcome may not be optimal as it would be.

Generally, after the completion of Software Outsourcing process the end users are completely ignorant about the actual process of software development. They do not devote attention and adequate time towards the significant process of development. Also for timely execution the response time of users for resolving the queries for accepting design is crucial phase of a Software Outsourcing project.