There have been amazing survey and research conducted by the R&D sects of Software outsourcing companies. They have understood the various facets influencing and affecting Software Development Industries. Manpower is the major subjects of these IT Industries, as the Company continuously experiences inertia when a worker of the firm leaves the job on quarterly or yearly basis. Now there have been some amazing researches given by critics and research executives. Let us take a deep interest to understand the strategies and find perpetual solutions as to why the employers leave the current Software Development firm.

There have been studies showing the rate of employment growth in some of the non-IT sects of businesses. Employees enrolled in Finance or Real Estate business has shown growth of (+40%) and other Manufacturing Companies have shown nearly (+35%). So the average net employment outlook including the IT Sectors is expected to be more than (+38%).

Immense count for skilled labors in Software Development

No doubt these figures are showing immense rate of employment seeking and it makes our belief true that there is an immense count for skilled labor in Software Development Services. But retaining of these skilled labors becomes the major concern for any business organization, sectors or India Software Outsourcing Companies. The alarming challenges are experienced by the HR of Top Software Companies in India.

Yes, it is true when a critic said “Gone are the days when people used to stick to one organization for their entire lifetime.” Today, we may not find even a single private or government sects who are retaining their senior employees more than 4-5 years. The employees are becoming ambitious and the Software Development Companies find difficult to meet the amicable requirements of the Outsourcing companies.

The company demands of steady movements of the employees but a media showed a statistics of nearly 40 employees moving away from one Indian Company within a year of 2005 (as reported). Well the maximum of employees have moved from the Communication and Media Skilled of business. Software Development Company is yet behind the curtain. But it won’t take much time in disappear those veils of unrealistic and hypocrisy.The critics suggest that the Software Outsourcing Market should not take to shameful note of competition as it may drastically affect the economy of India.

Now let us understand the various facets of why such a change is happening. However finding solution to these are more than a common mans’ brain to comprehend, but yet the research survey helping in at least analyzing the neck of problem. One of the main reasons that every internet page or any e-magazine suggest:
Change in Life-styles
Death become the Motivation
Seeking opportunities
Misfit jobs (one of the common reasons)Decreasing Loyalty (major crises in Software Development Company)
These are some of the fastest and accurate “whys”, which is seen in all sorts of organization and companies either the IT or NON-IT sectors of India and abroad. But the issue has been raised by Software Development Firm.