Despite the praise of the impressive local IT talents and young successful software outsourcing organizations, nation’s software development market is quite small. At present scenario, the nation has only a 12 million American dollar of stake in offshore software outsourcing. The total international market size for software outsourcing in year 2005 was estimated at 40 billion dollar and it is being expected to multiply by triple up to year 2009. After the much-waited arrival of submarine cable, it should expand nation’s present market size of Offshore Outsourcing development with market of cell phone being boosted.

Software Outsourcing Development

As per the Danish Information Technology experts, who visited Bangladesh, as far as the software outsourcing is concerned it’s a sleeping giant. The sleeping giant could wake up with the launch of the submarine cable. At present time, software outsourcing development industry can not take off on big scale, simply due to bandwidth is quite expensive. So the submarine cable is perfect answer for problem like this.

However, with the big bang investments in IT development that ran high in Bangladesh follows the visit. Many of international organizations are now showing interest for investing multi-million of money into nascent high technical sector of Bangladesh’. The world’s biggest software company, Microsoft is getting annual sales revenues around 40 billion dollar. With already handed over of proposal by Intel to the Science and Information & Communications Technology Ministry in last year as affiliated government partner. The real thing was the Gates’ visit; it paved the way of outsourcing as Bill Gates wanted for exploiting the potential of local Information Technology professionals. The Microsoft had unveiled big plan for imparting the training for 10,000 Bangladeshi teachers & nearly 0.2 million students in IT over the next 3 years. With this announcement a local non-government company has been given one million American dollars as Gates- Melinda Award for the training purpose.

Last year for a small period of time, Bill Gates accompanied by Melinda, her wife visited Bangladesh. The visit by chief of worlds biggest Software Development Company gave a positive signal to the other nations that Bangladesh was becoming an emerging destination for software outsourcing investment. During that visit, Bill Gates signed numerous agreements with the Bangladesh government and some of the private sector organizations. He assured the local leaders of business to reducing the price on original software so it would help to stop pirated copy uses in Bangladesh.

Gates was very optimistic about the software outsourcing development and human resources by skilled people for the Bangladesh IT industry. He added in one of speech that India has been creating such a big number of Information Technology talents due to establishing a lot of institutes for the training and teaching for IT subject, so he thinks that Bangladesh should do the same things. For setting up such institutes Microsoft might not be able to help Bangladesh, but its organization can absorb the IT-professionals of Bangladesh to be trained in such Software Outsourcing institutes.