In an IT Outsourcing industry there are so many practical approach that brings hands on experience for relevancy. With the so many new software developments taking place, it’s almost impossible for everyone to upgrade and try out of new technology at the initial phase or introduction phase. However, there are so many in phase of learning of business technology. During the learning process the practical experience gained by an IT Outsourcing team is so important for further development and for reducing trial-and-error at the end of software development center, and it would certainly help to build extra confidence for a given technology.

So with encouragement to send feedback we are also discussing many ways of making IT Outsourcing more and more effective & interactive. So in this process ideas and suggestion of end users and suggestions are most welcome. The theme of IT Outsourcing forum is “to exploiting newer technology with fullest capacity, although this has been the focus of Information Technology industry over past few years.
Thus, on one side we want to maximize the utilization but on the different side, we have no time to learn. So, Outsourcing and practical approach will show such opportunities for technology utilization that are right in front of anybody or with development machine in their organization. In the highly competitive scenario today:

Application by Software Outsourcing vendors

Addition of features: Everybody likes to grumble with too many features, which are being added into application by Software Outsourcing vendors, and it’s just not possible to learn all features. However there are deeper meanings to various features, let’s consider the addition of features and the best way to show is from examples as below:

• Open MS Word
• Create a new blank document
• Type anything in it

Update data in SQL server quickly: Very often we require updating data into a central table that based on data coming from number of locations. This is typical scenario where updating of data require in remote locations & pooled in the Head Office for more analysis. Rather than comparison of each field, make a string out of all the row fields, make a hash total based upon and compare it in destination source. Based on this, one requires inserting and updating the Software Application. In short, one by one, we require finding out whether the source code of rows have been changed or not. Fortunately, SQL Server offers a simple SQL function for helping one decipher and the IT Outsourcing approach is very simple.