India is home town for some of the largest IT Outsourcing organizations of the world; everything from software development organizations to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and the global banks, to the world of BPO or information technology, we can say that the business is booming over here. And when it comes to Offshore Outsourcing, we can say India is where the action has taken place in Outsourcing business wherein the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi Hyderabad and emerging Ahmedabad are the key players in this sector.

Some analysts are saying that America is tied up with India in IT Outsourcing which could help China. But other segments of people are trying to dismiss the idea to recognize China as Offshore Outsourcing leader for future time. President of America, George Bush is hoping that with the first trip to India in month of March, year 2006 will show that U.S. is now committed for long term relationship with other nations and specifically with India. But the commitment will be tested early-on, as India is seeking to clinch a major American nuclear deal. So, Bush knows it can’t afford to ignore world’s biggest power in IT Outsourcing.

The reason behind so many American organizations rushing towards India for setting up the shop is to take advantage of the Indian economic and highly qualified IT-professionals and get the wealth back to their own nation. From this, the message is very clear that India is rising as global powerhouse, and whole world is taking notice of this. Hotels are packed, tourism is up, new buildings are going up and huge highways are being built everywhere. With this for the first time in a long-long time, Indians are feeling good about future. There would be recognition of Indian as an intellectual powerhouse.

American Economy benefiting from Indian IT Outsourcing

So, the Indian economy is benefiting from brands of America, the American economy benefiting from Indian Offshore Outsourcing companies. When an Indian buys a brand car here, some portion of that money is going back to the country because of the technology, the spare parts of that car; we can say that it becomes a kind of piggy bank for the US Economy. Both the nations are free with respect to capitalism. There is freedom of speech and outsourcing for both the nations. India has natural positive strengths and some natural threats, but right now booming in IT Outsourcing industry.

By the research report half of the population from India is under the age of twenty five, more than 70 per cent is under age of 36. The thing that you see worldwide, all over the place is Indian IT resources now days. We can say from fact that there are more populations in India that speak English than America. But the key has been stability of Indian companies in IT Outsourcing. The economy has grown with 8.1 per cent until up to the budget of 2006.