With fire of enormous salvo in support to the Indian IT Outsourcing services and Business Process Outsourcing industry in strongly advocating by more creativity and exploring cheaper alternatives, with greater openness to outsourcing and partnerships. The Indian software development industry was waiting for a learned endorsement of its enterprise model in an erudite medium, and it will get into argumentation mode later.

But, the very nature of IT Outsourcing makes the big comparison between Information Technology & other infrastructural technologies like electricity and transport an inappropriate one. With IT, it is really the complete integration of Outsourcing for the business processes. This is the important part with the processing power and the storage of the MIPS or even the software outsourcing. It is the use of tools in IT Outsourcing for knowledge management, business intelligence, and a derivation for maximum advantage in business with every sphere, which forms the crux by the matter. And as any hired CIO will tell you, major complexity of IT Outsourcing and the diversity with options, that ensures the degree of integration into the enterprise can executed.

For competitive advantage the window of opportunity is when a new software technology emerges as a small one. Forward looking organizations often get benefit with quick adoption of a new technology, but only for some time. In a nutshell, one argues that the very ubiquity of Information Technology diminishes the value as a strategic resource and renders it rather impotent in providing organizations with a competitive edge. The same commoditized client relationship management software that possible competitive advantage could any individual organization using electricity for strategic advantage, beyond cost cutting measure of switching off fans and lights when not needed.

Lumping of IT Outsourcing

The point that goes against lumping of IT Outsourcing against other infrastructure technologies is innovation space in IT industry. After relentless wave of innovation the IT wave changes the rules of the game so often. Windows of opportunity are opening fast and thick the possibility of the slowing down any time soon. The IT Outsourcing systems may not give competitive edge, but even with the brief disruption and absence could be devastating to the business enterprise. Further, the passive mindless up gradation and passive purchase are a definite no-no.

That is why IT Outsourcing service provides are falling over each other before the postulating Web services, adaptive infrastructure and utility computing as the silver bullets, which will ensure painless integration & deployment of all IT systems in an organization to genuflect. The advantage of the InfoTech service vendors over each other is total, unmitigated openness and desirable stakeholders in the IT Outsourcing industry.