Offshore Outsourcing is a very long term trend; at Tibacco Software Development Company’s annual user conference in Omni Resort at Orlando for the year 2006, vice president and portfolio manager of EDS telling to packed audience of eight hundred outsourcing service delegates.

Demand of Offshore Outsourcing

While the addressing, Feld hold on the future technology roadmap. Coming out for supporting the increasing demand of Offshore Outsourcing by big companies, he said, Half of the work that doing inside the company today, will be offshore outsourcing in future time or might be eliminated in next 20 years or so. Definitely this will include fifty % role of blue collar jobs, eighty % of clerical & twenty % of professional roles. In fact, with the services of globalization and the acceleration it gain day by day with the shifting of the work, there is very bright future of Offshore Outsourcing for IT, Software and all other works.

The 21st century CIO has definitely an obligation for setting an agenda and build a nice group for consistent basis delivery, he said while talk on the changing role of the CIO. He gave advice that all the 2000 global organizations to make a journey back in the Future. The prescription will run business enterprise needs for IT Outsourcing execution. He tried to make understand the audience with the connection between day by day organizations’s working and the daily Dilbert strip that appears in major of 2000 publications globally. With Dilbert strips, he liberally addressed and illustrated all around the audience.

About leading Software Outsourcing CompanyIBM, and its actions he was very vocal; taking such as Larry Ellison of oracle that does not let go any of opportunity for indulges in the bout of bashing of Microsoft. In the earlier inaugural address, chief executive officer of Tibco Software development firm brought the house down at the starting of the speech by saying that, ‘I have number of similarities while comparing to Dilbert’. With a serious note, he went for espousing service oriented architecture because the Tibco is more passionate about it. The bashing organizations such as IBM & Oracle, he thundered, “architecture for extortion the base oriented architecture needed. There are lots of change occurred these days and it is the era of service oriented architecture by Offshore Outsourcing development.”

In terms of balance sheet we are more stable than IBM software Development Company, he said. With TUCON 2006, the annual user conference for the 446 million dollars, Tibco a process management and business integration software outsourcing company enables real time of business. The 2 day conference themes for the learning, engaging and leveraging the design work by facilitating the attendees. The basic idea was to deliver real-time vision and the practical knowledge for Business Process Management in Offshore Outsourcing optimization.