Now-a-days companies especially in IT Industry depends a lot on overseas service providers. But Offshore Outsourcing with lost and gain indicates that this business process involves the equal amount of risk and opportunities with it. This process of sending the development jobs overseas is highly prevailing in Software Industry. IT companies, IT giants or Small Initiator, do tend to take the help of the IT Outsourcing services for even smaller application development. One thing is sure that the process of Offshore Outsourcing has lots of advantages with it, but on the other had it also possesses the same amount or risks with it. And one of the biggest risks is the security risk that can easily damage your entire business.

As far as security in IT includes the privacies like configuring and maintaining firewalls, anti-virus services, IDSes, and anti-spam filters. These are the areas that can easily challenge to the security services of any of the organizations. Organizations having the best security services also some times suffer from such security issues and because of that have to pay a heavy price for that. Even the best security administrators in the organization sometimes unable to face the challenges of these issues. It is also the fact that you can’t realistically review every message and information in every event that you log in. Such security threats can enter into your system any time. So sometimes the security issues may arise.

Process of Offshore Outsourcing

No doubt that the process of Offshore Outsourcing comes with the most required advantage; Cost Cutting. But along with that the security of the business also has the equal importance. Virus threats are the issues that occur every now and again and you can’t also fetch them all the times. Even the best anti-virus software and services sometimes can’t trash the virus. So this is the issue that can’t have any proper solution. In IT Outsourcing you have to be keen eyed as your whole business would be through the Internet Medium. So surfing some sites might create some problems for you.

Another issue here is about the Offshore Software Development. Software or Application that is developed overseas should also go through the internal testing process. In such process of Offshore Outsourcing the programmer is from the overseas location and you never know that there might be some issues that may harm your internal services. So it is better to have your own internal team or unit to test the software that is developed on the overseas location. Offshore Outsourcing in the especially in the IT industry takes place to the country like India and China. These two are the countries that have very cheap labor for IT Outsourcing services. One more important issue is to hiring MMS (managed security services) providers. They are one of the best alternatives to internally managing off-the-shelf problem solutions for such Offshore Outsourcing problem

These and many more issues are there that are very important at the time of the IT Outsourcing process. It is true that the process of Offshore Outsourcing brings lots of advantages but for that you must take a bit care.