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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Offshore Software Development India proposes encouragements for high-tech manufacturers

The current market news suggests that Offshore Software Development India proposes encouragement for high-tech companies and service providers. India is trying this new experiment to maintain its image and to cover more market share for IT Outsourcing services. India is launching new measures to make it a preferred destination for Offshore Software Development center. India is also concentrating higher on Software Outsourcing services and hardware offers. Country possesses the leading position for the IT services globally in software industry. Now India is also targeting hardware industry along with that.
India’s finance minister declared that country will propose the encouragements and incentives to the computer chips and other high-tech goods development services. At present India’s weak point is the absence of large-scale semiconductor manufacturing services in the country. And this absence is restricting the advancement of the country as a unit for high-tech development service provider. So this seems to be a new scheme from the finance minister to encouragement to the developers. The government of India will support high-tech manufacturing organizations with both equity participation and feasibility gap funding facility. This assistance from the government is to target to offset additional costs and charges acquired by new companies due to India's poor infrastructure development and facility.

Offshore Software Development and Services

This incentive will be available for the time of three years to boost up the investment in the sector of Offshore Software Development and services. Along with that India's Information Technology ministry will soon proclaim a new policy to fascinate high-tech manufacturers and IT Outsourcing service provider to India. This announcement has got warm welcome from the whole Offshore Software Development Industry in the country and they address it as the best step taken by the Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. This development facility will also boost up the IT Outsourcing services to the country rapidly.
This declaration by the FM would also create interest to large foreign chip makers and development companies to be a part of Offshore Software Development India. One thing is fact that country’s infrastructure development is very poor. Along with that the port and communications services and facilities, water and power supply are not up to the mark that can attract the large foreign companies to invest in India. No doubt that Offshore Software Development and IT Outsourcing to India on the top but because of the poor infrastructure development country has to face many opportunity losses.
In this way this encouragement proposal from the government will be helpful in the advancement and growth of Offshore Software Development services to India.