Co-Ware’s new virtual product family will enable the organizations to expand into the software, with platforms foundation for software development. The virtual platform family of product supports the distribution, creation and use of virtual hardware platforms by means of software development. With the delivery of new tools in development and some methodologies it would enable the creation of virtual hardware platforms for validation and Software Development.

Virtual hardware platforms are models of the device hardware and the environment it evolves in, and are suitable for the software development and validation of an entire device software stack up to the application level. For electronics companies it would be easy to enable to engage with more and more efficiency for the customers and ecosystem alliances. The solution is integrated with and supports the Co-Ware platform-driven ESL strategy.

The key benefits are fast speed execution, scalability, interoperability, determinism, early availability, easy distribution and unprecedented hardware controllable. With the virtual platforms of hardware facilitate the supply chain interaction due to distributed clients or ecosystem partners. These consequences in earlier feedback of product and software for greater time in market have increased the return on investment.

Traditional Software Development

Traditional software development and validation solutions have either been without of representative by the device hardware. The new solution that providing the infrastructure needed so that electronic organizations can make focus on the core strategies and expertise with design or delivering the differentiated products in their targeted markets of offshore Software Development.

With the enough provided hardware venerability and controllable, the use of virtual hardware platforms, software development engineers and the team can reap the advantage of earlier start for device of development in Software Outsourcing and improved productivity, validation, and lower cost of development. With the new solution; it would easy to put company into a position for direct support of the device software development process and delivering the value in to semiconductor organizations or device manufacturers. The software tools that leverage the independent capability with the virtual platform, scripting and programming interface application for integration of the software development outsourcing and validation environment.