India’s strength lies in Software Development and that strength was slowly shifting into hardware design. In summit as one speaks, “all the Indian hardware designers are basically Software programmers who use to do coding! Recently, the American Government conducted a research report. According to the report, transporting one human being; energy acquired equals to thermonuclear bombs requires accessing the data. This sets the ground for world to look at where India stands in the level of Software Development and automation for the semiconductor devices by value chain.

Software Development and hardware design are now interdependent, because of these existing business models in the semiconductor industry with increased opportunity for risk-sharing among software design or manufacturing. Software Development plays a major role in each component for the semiconductor value chain process. For specifically requirement of the clients there is needed to design chips to electronic design automation.

The Software design in chips for more complex functions like the architecture inside a cell phone should have design in a fob less state. In the process, one can even be the Software Outsourcing partner for producing the chip with specified design requirement. One can make the chip design, then send it across the boundaries of globe likes of Taiwan or China for manufacturing and ship it directly to customers in the West part of the world. Look at the example, Moschip Semiconductor is based at the Hyderabad is such a model, and Covenant Systems. So it is time to play critical role in market, with this revenue model tested in the software design space, it will evident for the success of the product development by Software Outsourcing model .

Software Development application

Now Software Development application requires drive design, devices like iPod are media-centric, or voice centric that is cell phones and data centric like laptops shown a rapid change in features on chips that places the extra demand of flexibility, rather chip on systems. With limiting power chip speeds, software chip designers face the flexibility and efficiency. It needs better life for battery, better performance and better efficiency but with chip designer flexibility to offer those are now limited to days and hours instead of a year.

The given level of Software Outsourcing that went into design is possible, now to generate processor in a matter of one hour. This stems from the recognition of the fact that now day’s one size fits all kinds of processors, which are not the norm and there is a huge potential market for high function, low energy products. The interplay of software and design has helped the organizations to reduce the time cylce that is the time taken to make design chips that meet client’s expectation. The inter play of software and design represents an opportunity for electronic design automation organization to make partnership with design houses to develop Custom Software Development products across globe.