India just registered a revenue growth of 40 percent between 2004 and 2005; the UNIX software technology service provider is now more than optimistic regarding their future on India Territory. This statement indicates that Software Development India is the most demanded destination for software services. Company is eager to get a strong foothold on the Indian Territory. They are now trying to do this by forming more and more partnerships with the country’s local companies. This step of the company can be either to increase the IT Outsourcing; or increasing company’s operations in India. Company also stated about the increment in the no. of software developers and manpower at its New Delhi center.

Though in the past there were some Linux deployments within the Indian Territory and most of these were a loss to UNIX. Though the question is that in the condition like this how can they look at the Indian Territory? The fact is the country has a long list of clients for all these companies and for the company it is one of the rapidly growing markets for them. Company has their clients for almost all the sectors in India from the banking segment to the financial institutions, from retail segments to the manufacturing services and industry. And till date the list of the clients in the country is increasing for the company. Company is finding its great future in India inspite of the loss.

Business with Software Development India

Company stated that clients assesses different products and services and choose them because of their very low cost of management and services. They also said that the level of workforce and skills required to handle their products is also very low when compared to company’s competitors’ products and services. Research suggests that Software Development India is balanced to have some of the biggest IT growth of any market around the globe in terms of IT Outsourcing spending. Moreover, country is a great place to work with a 40 percent boost in revenues between the years of 2004 and 2005. All these attract the company to do the business with Software Development India. Company also has confidence that they will do well in the following years.

Company also stated that currently they are focusing their efforts to further strength their operations within India. This activity includes formulating partnerships with local companies, adding more manpower to company’s development center and finally creating better opportunities for the company within Indian Territory to become the part of Software Development India. They said that they have always considered India as a valuable market place for their global operations and functions. Company’s development center in the country is an important location for them, especially with the type of skills and talent that they have in India.

At present, company has many big clients who demand consulting services from the company. This is also one of the reasons that company wants to have a strong base of consulting practice in the field of IT Outsourcing to India. Company is looking at partnerships with the local firms where they can align themselves with big brand names of India such as TCS. Company is really ready to put everything to get success for the process of Software Development India.