When Software Development industry giants such as Wipro & Infosys show-up depressing results, obviously it tells that vertical focus could hold the growth keys. More importantly this could prove significant for the IT Outsourcing and BPO sector industry.

In the gloomy scenario, relatively unknown organization, Datamatics Technologies tendered to handle the mammoth contract of Software Development. Previously this organization had not ever handled an order for this scale previously, with the faith shown by UN in the firm and rewarded with contract to the Indian IT Outsourcing service provider. This was marked as the entry of the firm into a virtually unheard Business Process Outsourcing market. The task given to Datamatics Technologies was kind of managing & investigating claims and processing with some adequate compensation.

The group has also taken of one of the biggest databases around the globe with over 2600 Terabytes data that includes neat by 12,000 specialized databases. The reputed publications such as content from “The Wall Street Journal” and “Time magazine” are also maintained on other databases. Currently Datamatics maintains around eight hundred to twelve thousand database by creating around 150 to two hundred databases every year. The Outsourcing Company was also involved in helping Cadmus to transform it from a traditional organization into an online publishing house.

Custom Development and Software Outsourcing company

CEO of Datamatics Custom Development and Software Outsourcing Company, Manish Modi recalls and said paperwork was massive and with amounting of 26 tonnes, which flown in three Boeing-747 Jumbo jets. The claim was in different twelve languages to avoid further complication. With the complication nature of the software project, there weren’t many companies as optimistic as success of the project. While the Datamatics firm successfully pulled of the project with the basic work like data entry of claims, software development of claim process and validating it. Total value of the claim close was the significance of the project with 50 billion dollars. It was proof for company with such a success of Software development projects and shows the capability for handling large BPO space projects.

Actually the project of UN helped to boost confidence of the people and organization for taking a conscious decision to focus on the electronic publishing industry, specifically give attention to legal and finance verticals. The focus paid off as the firm is today profit-making Software Development and BPO organization with influencing fifth rank given by NASSCOM, biggest ITES Company in India. With the following trend by BPO industry in the software services space, margins have been dropped down in the face of stiff competition. Datamatics should focus on vertical markets of Software Development for survival and growth in a highly competitive market IT Outsourcing market.