However, this year software development industry is one of the essential components of IT outsourcing industry with international market of 800 billion dollar. It’s still major dependent on HR and some of the developing nations are taking advantage out of this opportunity. As said, for Bangladesh the present size of software development industry is very tiny. Roughly, 240 companies or organizations with some of individuals have been doing software outsourcing & data process outsourcing services.

Software Development Industry

In order to avoid over expenses in software development industry and procurement, the use of software with pirated version is becoming more and more prevalent. Open source technologies resource could significantly bring down the costs for the program of e-governance. Due to the excessive software prices, piracy became more common practice in the nation. With proposal of reducing the price on original software by Bill Gates, piracy should come down significantly and it would certainly help the Software Development Industry.

In addition to that, the alliances were established by ten leading universities of Bangladesh for delivering the MSDNAA – Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance, in that case teachers & students would have easier access with exposure for the latest software and IT technologies at economic rate. Under the program, Microsoft will provide skills-based training and technology access to primary & secondary level school faculties and students for developing nation around the globe. Earlier, Microsoft had opened one office in Dhaka, the center of Bangladesh. For ICT development this office would also collaborate with some of other universities. For many of local users, Microsoft is now looking forward to make one program for launching the Bangla-Unicode operating system that is not habituated by the English.

In recent time, the efforts for installing e-governance are intensified by the ministry of Bangladesh. And, some have taken big initial steps by using the ICTs for facilitate the activities of government. But the main point is that the government requires spending of more and more amount in resources for software development licensing needs and for updating the resources of hardware to meet the requirements of latest technologies likes of Windows XP for proprietorship.

Information system should dependable for the essential of nation’s efficient management & operation for the private and public segments. Due to shortage of information generated by local people requires for efficient performance in these segments. In order to achieve the objective, ICT use in every sector of Software Outsourcing Development requirements to be accelerated in terms of utilization and applications & information generation. The local software outsourcing industry would gain from the big body of knowledge that will require for building the existing technology of open source and produce customized solutions for the government bodies. In the context of this area, many software development organizations have taken place in the past few years with the sector of science and technology.