Software Outsourcing and Insecurity has been one of the most discussed topics in IT world globally. In February 2005 a cluster of Pentagon industry consultants cautioned that the “movement of vital microelectronics manufacturing” from the United States to other countries cooperated national security and other functions. To guarantee a steady contribution of safe microchips, it was recommended setting up “trusted foundries” to make critical hardware and other facilities. IT Outsourcing is becoming more and more difficult as more frauds and cheating are taking place globally. Any effort to advance the safety and supply of Software Outsourcing would be of “limited utility”. It also will be without a comparable focus on IT services.

In the current trend IT companies are sending the development of codes beyond the territory. Still some of the areas are there which are managed in-house like military’s most sophisticated weapons and other information, fighter aircraft and missile defense systems and technology and some others. IT companies today prefer more to work with the overseas service providers rather than working with the in-house software service provider. Factors like cost, time to market, flexibility, quality, distribution of the work burden, and many more are there that attracts the Software firms to take the help of the overseas service providers. But this center of attraction many times put software firms in big problems as security of the services is the main problem here.

Software Outsourcing services

Lots of cases of frauds have come out recently in the picture in the process of Software Outsourcing. Along with it, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services are also in the danger as selling of customers private information are taking place. These issues suggest that how much IT Outsourcing is in danger in today’s world. Offshore locations and overseas companies for the Software Outsourcing services has been the most convenient way for today’s techno savvy companies.

Such IT companies are taking overseas service providers help for even a smaller application development. Software developed overseas can be influenced in many different ways. The code itself can be manipulated with and prepare to do subsequent damages to the valuable information and data. Such overseas developed software can also be tied with surreptitious, designed to permit contact to a system at a later date and access the data.

It is but obvious that you won’t have the watch over the functionality daily. You even won’t come to know when your system will be damaged or the data will be stolen from your system. Still one thing is sure that all the Software Outsourcing companies are not such fraud or misleading. But still enough care and watch is must for such IT Outsourcing services. It is also noticed that code written overseas has many times become the issue of discussion in many organizations.

Still enough care and analysis of the market would help companies to stay away from the possible frauds of the market. Software Outsourcing process is really very useful one if handled in the proper way.