There are some keys to win over the employees in a India Software Company. The IT managers have forgotten those soft-skills and techniques in the long-coarse of time. This is one of the reasons why Software Outsourcing faces high ratio of employee turnover in a firm. The survey carried on Top Software Companies in India tells us about the employee dissatisfaction level has increased up to +31% when compared to last year. Most of the employees complained that the pressure given by their boss and dumping work-load in Software Outsourcing setting.

Now what worst could happen in Software Company, if the company fails in delivering positive energy to the employees and cares less about their employees. Such companies usually lack the motivation to deliver to its worker due to ill-prospect manager in the firm. Most of the managers find difficult to delegate the work to their employees. They are not at fault perhaps, but even they are not talk to do the same.

Dumping is not the way in Software outsourcing

Often seen and happens is, the Software developer in the company is dumped with loads of work. He is the analyzer, a thinker, a planner and a executor, which usually results in boredom and fatigue. Dumping is not the way in Software Outsourcing Company. India Software Development needs to have an organized structure and management so as to retain their employees for long-time. Consolidations should not be only in the words, but all also action performed by the IT Outsourcing Manager.

To relieve load of work from your head, you must delegate your projects to your sub-ordinates and employee an efficient team leader who can help the other employees even at your absence. The IT Manager Major responsibility in Software Development India is to see that the work does not stop in his absence and vice-versa if he is available, the work must continue at thunder-speed.

Delegating work in Software Outsourcing also enriches the inner quality of the human-being. The employee gets an affirmative chance of authority to tackle in the same way the IT Manager has delegated the work. This works as a boon if there are no ego clashes between the higher authority and the employee. This is often an unachievable task in such a huge mansion of Software Outsourcing infrastructure, but there comes the involvement of HR who sincerely tries to remove the misconceptions of the employe

But there is a little difference, but a critical one between delegating ‘work’ and ‘responsibility’. Delegating work does not mean shifting of responsibility in any Software Outsourcing Company. The one who is authorized to do the work is the one who takes of the project, taking care of each and every minute details of it. He is the only one answerable if anything haphazard goes around within or outside the company. So the employee needs to have a basic training and knowledge before he is authorized to do the work.