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Friday, April 28, 2006

Software Outsourcing firms feel proud for overseas dealings

Software Outsourcing firms feel proud for overseas dealings and they don’t feel to hide their overseas business. According to the news the trend is changing in the global market and the companies who used to hide their business deals overseas now feel proud to declare these. Such Software Outsourcing companies no longer shy about IT Outsourcing services to the lower cost destinations like India, China, Eastern Europe and many others. For these companies this has been the key business process and strategy also. In this global market now almost all the companies from all the industries are attached with Offshore Outsourcing services in one or the other way.
In the past trend it used to happen that there were very few companies there who used to deal by the way of taking help from overseas service providers. They also used to hide this way of business for one or more reasons. But now as it has been the global trend and necessity of the business companies no longer think to shy about their way of business process. In the past software firms used keep their overseas business plans under wrap and never used to declare publicly. But now these companies have almost started to disclose their secrets of the success. These IT companies generally prefer the destinations like India and China for their overseas development work.

Trend of Software Outsourcing

In current trend of Software Outsourcing, some of the IT companies from India seem to have convinced their global partners to declare their relationships with them. Offshore Software Development companies from India are trying to implement a joint strategy with their clients to declare the partnerships and the kind of job work they are performing with IT Outsourcing partners. Such declarations from the companies not only assist them and their products in the promising market places in India and China, but also assist service providers to develop the image of reputed Software Outsourcing firm in the global market.
In the recent issue Iron Mountain declared their partnership with Symphony Company for their Software Outsourcing deals. This announcement from the overseas partners also helps the companies for Brand-building purpose in the competitive global market place. These stuffs add credits in the brand name of these IT Outsourcing firms. The recent market trend suggest that key Software companies from America and European countries are declaring their relationships heavily with the Offshore Software Outsourcing firms from India and China. One thing is sure that such declaration helps both the partner companies equally to make a name for them in the global market place.
This seems to be a somewhat different trend in the global market that the companies are declaring their IT Outsourcing relations with the overseas partners. But if this trend will continue both the partner companies will definitely gain benefits of the Software Outsourcing process.