As time is moving faster and faster, people in the Software Outsourcing Industries are losing patience. I once read a famous allegory in an article subjecting to Human Behavior, it says like this: a small child, seated before God with closed eyes, prayers sincerely to Him that “God please bestow me with little patience, immediately.” Such is the philosophy of today’s Software Development Company. In quest for rapid growth and success, the untrained and unprofessional employee either puts himself or the other employee into embarrassment

So a check on human behavior is very necessary at the workplace and should be carefully. There are some norms that an employee needs to keep in mind when dealing with his co-colleagues. Management Science has ventured even in the Corporate/Software Industry to study human behavior in today’s date. We all know and science has also proved that consciously or unconsciously we are used to playing games at workplace either to avoid a particular situations or getting the work done by the other members in the Company.

Workplace at Software Outsourcing

Apart from the usual workplace at Software Outsourcing Company, where in the client projects have been handled with care by the project leader and the suggested project manager. But what is troublesome usually in the Corporate or at IT Sectors is the interpersonal relationship among team members in Software Development Firm. The reactions are often hasty and pre-decided among the team members which usually lead to haphazard situations that may also hinder the work.

To avoid such a scenario in a Company, there have been many articles giving fresher an opportunity to train themselves in the Software Outsourcing Company. But these soft-skills do not only pertain to only a new-bee or an existing bee of the Software Development, but it is necessary even for the higher authorities to have good/ professional approach towards their co-workers/peers and the juniors in appropriate manner. Distrust may lead to insecurity among the co-workers. So such a situation should be avoided. And the famous quote should be also followed in any tense situation, “To err is human, but to forgive is Divine”, and this divinity starts from within. Whenever a manager or leader feels that his peer person is not doing correctly, perhaps he can explain and show concern in reasonable ways.

There are different approaches to different segment of people in the Software Outsourcing Sector. When talking to a new-bee and an existing worker, is different. With the fresher, your voice may show some dominance over the other whereas this is not with your co-workers. With co-employee, you need to have an interactive approach and sometimes it may be possible that the understanding and conversation beyond the boundaries of the Software Development Company. So the manager needs to be cautious about his words spoken. We need to keep in mind all the time that there are some emotions active at the workplace and if disturbed, may result low rate efficiency of the employee, which will definitely be loss to the Software Outsourcing Company.