The latest news and survey suggest that process of Software Outsourcing is spreading globally as more and more countries have started to provide the overseas development services around the world. Till few months back India and China sounded to be the only big IT Outsourcing giants. Almost all the countries used to prefer the service provides from these two destinations only. These two were almost the only players in the market of the Software Outsourcing services to the globe. But now the trend is changing as more companies from more different countries are initiating to participate into this business of IT Outsourcing. No doubt that till date India and China were the only regions gaining in strength for such overseas software services, but now the programmers spread around the globe for such lower cost and qualitative services.

Along with India and China other countries like Philippines, Russia and many other destinations are there that are putting hard efforts for the world to notice their presences. IT Companies from United States and Australia have started to take the help from these countries also. India and China considered being the only competitors for such IT services to the overseas destinations, but now they are also competing with other emerging IT destinations. IT companies from these emerging destinations try to provide the same lower cost and qualitative services to the globe and posing hard challenges to India and China. News also suggests that IT companies from Australia and America also find India and China becoming bit expensive compared to these new emerging destinations.

Destination for Software Outsourcing

No doubt that at present these new destinations for Software Outsourcing are putting the best efforts in the beginning, but it will be a long run for them to get the position that India and China have in the IT Outsourcing market. Both these countries have support of lots of big brand names and they also have the large pool of talents with them. No doubt countries like Philippines have also started to get the big deals for Software Outsourcing services globally. It is doing well as far as IT Outsourcing to Philippines is concerned. Philippines seem to be on the fast growth for Software Services globally. IT Companies have also started to look for the alternatives of India and China for Software Outsourcing services but the survey suggests that they didn’t have that much satisfaction from these new players and turning back to these destinations.

IT companies globally have started to seek for the Offshore Software Development destination for even development of the smallest applications. As the main benefits of this service are the cost savings and flexibilities in the services. Companies are now trying to spread their presence globally and because of that also they are spreading their services to the overseas destinations as a part of Software Outsourcing servicesIBM, one of the IT giants, itself has its largest overseas investment in India.

All these issues suggest that sending the development job work in IT Industry is expanding gradually. Companies have also started to seek for the quality along with the cost cutting with Software Outsourcing services.