Software Security issues in on-shore and Offshore Outsourcing is now discussed at almost every IT company. Security of the software developed overseas seems to be more danger than developed on the local territory. The Internet facility continues to redefine the way of the Offshore Software Development business and how it is conducted. In current scenario internal and external processes of any company or business are being Web-enabled as the computers have taken the place of the manpower. Machine has increased efficiencies and capabilities along with the cost savings afforded significantly. This trend is marked more in IT Industry as gradually IT Outsourcing is increasing. But in such IT Industry the main issue of security of the software has also raised especially for the Offshore Outsourcing for the development services of the software.

The issues of security about the on-shore and overseas development has just begun as cases of frauds are coming into the picture gradually. Recent case in Indian BPO of selling the data of the customers has raised the question over the security issues and services for the software that are developed on the other territories. For the Internet revolution to convene its full probable, the parties engaged must be assured safety and security of the data that crosses the boundaries of the countries. Such cases of frauds and cheats has made lots of IT companies to think about the onshore development services rather than taking the help of overseas vendors. Still the benefits attached with the overall overseas development process lead the countries to take the help of the overseas service providers.

Offshore Outsourcing services

The ultimately selection point for the companies between the on-shore and Offshore Outsourcing services is the benefits associated with the process. Several times it is marked especially in the IT Industry that IT Outsourcing is far better and cheap than the on-shore services in spite that on-shore services can make the face to face conversation possible. But certain issues of illegal use of the customer’s data have raised many questions regarding the potential of the Offshore Software Development process. Though this issue of the security might create some problems for the process but the companies would not stop sending development work overseas as the cost and time flexibility are the main factors.

The progress in the field of the Technology is unbelievable and it would continue to grow as now the use of the technology and utilization of Offshore Outsourcing services has been a necessary part of any business. With the progress in the technology it is also sure that there will be a solution for this security issues soon for the perfect Offshore Software Development service. For many companies who are involved in this Offshore Outsourcing services, it has been impossible to come back for the on-shore development services. They has reached at the stand from where it would take years for them to get back to the home.
One thing is sure in the impossible world that perfect solution for this business process will be there sooner or later as Offshore Outsourcing has been the part of any of the business.