Finally, medium and small sized organizations in Europe can start reaping the advantage of Business Process Outsourcing from highly specialized Offshore Outsourcing firm with cheap cost in India. 2 global renowned knowledge centers have joined forces to achieve the possible target by signing agreement in Amsterdam. BPO covers the offshore outsourcing activities likes of call-centers, finance & administration, data processing, research, back-office processes, document management, HR management and many more.

Penalty of Offshore Outsourcing

NASSCOM, India’s largest branch company in software development sector, will work together for the promotion of Imports with the Dutch Centre from Developing nations, the CBI. Together with the 2 firms, it has set up a unique program for export development that offers SMEs’ in the European Union with unique opportunities. The agreement means the days when Business Process Outsourcing to low-cost nations was something only big-budget companies with plenty of offshore outsourcing expertly could afford.

While big buyers of services and suppliers in Europe & India have no trouble for finding alternate solutions for business partner in outsourcing, the distance is still too far for some SMEs’. The Dutch-Centre for the promotion of imports from developing nations (CBI) has gained recognition across the European Union as a leading centre for expertise in the field of trade with developing nations, is changing the situation together with NASSCOM. The 2 companies will on the one hand make their BPO expertise available to SMEs’ in European. While at the other side they will help to selected Indian Information Technology companies with proven quality in accessing market of Europe.

NASSCOM-National Association of Software and Service Companies, was set up to facilitate the trade of business in software services and to encourage advancement of R & D in software development applications. With more than 950 members, 150 of which are MNCs with offices in America, UK, and Europe, Japan, ChinaNASSCOM is the biggest and most important trade entity for the Indian IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing industry.

The CBI is an agency for the Dutch ministry with Foreign Affairs; it is a leading expertise centre in Europe for the area of trade with developing nations. For more than 30 years, the institute has developed successful program in export development that aimed mainly for helping SMEs’ in developing nations to access EU markets. The program of CBI covers a wide range of industrial sectors, including Offshore Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing etc. The CBI selects promising firms in developing nations and offers them intensive, long-term training and technical knowledge or assistance in order to prepare them for the rigors of the European market.